New story of Tourbillon:AGELOCER Flying Tourbillon Appreciation

New story of Tourbillon:AGELOCER Flying Tourbillon Appreciation

November 16
12:48 2021


Tourbillon, one of the three complex functions of mechanical watches. It isn’t only the embodiment of high-end watchmaking craftsmanship, but also its mechanical beauty has fascinated countless people. The AGELOCER Tourbillon watch breaks the traditional concept and uses architectural aesthetics as the cornerstone of its design. It builds a mechanical city on the wrist with a feather-like floating tourbillon and mechanical bones, breaking through the stereotype of the traditional tourbillon. It uses modern design language to interpret a new generation of tourbillon.


Official model: 9001A1

The Agelocer flying tourbillon watch takes “flying city” as its design inspiration. The double-sided hollow design displays all the movement structure, and the wearer can see the tourbillon flying in suspension without a top bracket. The internal mechanical operation is clearly visible, with simple and smooth lines that perfectly interpret the purity of industrial machinery and the spatial beauty of architecture. It uses a suspended flying spinning bearing structure, removing the top bridge, and only uses a ruby bearing at the bottom as a support, which makes the tourbillon as thin and light as possible and more mechanical beautiful.

Double-spring linkage technology to achieve 80-hour ultra-long power reserve

Long-powered watches are a symbol of the strength of major brands. The 80-hour power reserve movement has occupied most of the Agelocer series, and the CAL.A9001 flying tourbillon movement is one of the representatives. The flying tourbillon movement adopts the dual-spring linkage technology, which reduces the error in the process of releasing the kinetic energy of the clockwork. It makes the energy of the clockwork release more slowly and evenly, which can improves the stability and accuracy of the watch.

Double-sided transparent hollow design, feel the mechanical heartbeat

Skeleton is a major feature of Agelocer mechanical watches. Many series of the brand adopt different hollow crafts. This is a way of expression that takes into account both aesthetics and function. How to show the beauty of the movement from the inside to the outside while removing the excess metal parts, and to achieve a balance between the beauty of the carving and the guaranteed function. It requires the watchmaker to be proficient in the watchmaking process and invest a lot of detailed analysis, calculation and consideration in the early stage.



Unlike other hollow watches with irregular hollow structure lines, small hollow area, and large metal decks, Agelocer adopts the ultimate hollowing process with a more sense of design. The watchmaker needs to repeatedly calculate and modify without affecting the performance of the watch, and completely remove the excess metal parts on the movement splint except the skeleton, leaving only the movement skeleton. Breaking the complicated tradition of classical machinery, the extremely hollow movement creates a light visual beauty.



The black movement colored by the DLC coating process reveals a matte texture, and the fine polishing makes the metal texture more delicate. The movement adopts CNC milling technology, edge chamfering and polishing, decorated with bronzing lettering and other treatments, equipped with 25 synthetic ruby bearings and mirror polished screw heads. The details show Agelocer’s meticulous pursuit of the movement.


The watch adopts a 32mm panoramic back view of double-sided sapphire glass, and the fully open design displays the precise movement structure fully transparent. “Light” is the giver of structure. The interweaving of light and shadow creates a more three-dimensional spatial dimension, making the watch more purely mechanical and spatially artistic. Appreciating the precision mechanical structure up close, the “tick” sound of the tourbillon running and turning the clockwork seems to give life to the watch, like a beating mechanical heart, bringing the strongest mechanical audio-visual feeling.

The AGELOCER tourbillon series takes “Redefining mechanical watches” as the design concept, and interprets the flying tourbillon with modern design language. This is AGELOCER’s advancement of the classic tourbillon watchmaking process. While respecting the tradition, it also has the courage to innovate.

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