EECP Treatment Clinic Is Bringing EECP Therapy To Treat Heart Problems In Andheri (Mumbai, India)

May 25 14:06 2022
EECP Clinic in Andheri, Mumbai, India, uses EECP Therapy to treat heart problems non-invasive.

With the increase in the number of heart patients in India and limited resources to take care of it, EECP Treatment has emerged as a non-invasive heart bypass therapy for heart patients. EECP or Enhanced External Counter Pulsation Therapy is also known as Natural Bypass Treatment for heart conditions.

EECP is an FDA-approved treatment for heart conditions like Chronic Stable Angina, Refractory Angina, and Congestive heart failure (symptomatic and stable). EECP Treatment Clinic in Andheri Mumbai uses EECP Therapy to treat heart ailments of people. The EECP clinic in Andheri Mumbai focuses on patients in the local area around Andheri since Heart patients require multiple EECP Treatment sessions over six weeks at the EECP clinic.

EECP Therapy is known as “Adjunctive Treatment” in Heart Patients. Since EECP is a non-invasive therapy, it can be done on an outpatient treatment basis and does not require any hospitalization or Anaesthesia. Cardiac experts believe that EECP Treatment could even be an option to relieve “angina” when other recommended mainstream treatments have failed or are not suitable or preferred.

Dr. Asmita M.D., Medicine at EECP Therapy Clinic Mumbai, uses this EECP Therapy to treat heart patients. The doctors have years of experience in dealing with different cardiology problems. EECP treatment is not for all patients. The eligibility for this treatment depends on various factors like health status, medical history, pathology, the readiness of the patient, and clinical observations of the patient.

“EECP therapy result is not permanent. It can last for 2 to 7 years, and the best thing about EECP Treatment in India is that we can repeat it,” said Dr. Asmita. M.D., Medicine

At EECP clinic Mumbai, a qualified team consisting of an M.D., physician consultant, clinical cardiologist, a trained nurse, and a technician provide treatments.

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About EECP Therapy Clinic Mumbai:

Patients with heart problems are treated with EECP Treatment at the EECP Therapy Clinic in Mumbai. The clinic focuses on patients in Andheri, Mumbai. At EECP Treatment Clinic Mumbai, Dr. Asmita, M.D., Medicine uses non-invasive EECP Therapy to treat heart patients. The doctors have years of experience dealing with various cardiovascular issues.

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