Yale-trained sleep scientist Dr. Knechel launches eSleepWellness to address insomnia

June 08 22:40 2022
Knechel, a Yale-trained sleep scientist, started eSleepWellness to address insomnia and treat it by expanding on the best treatment options.

Insomnia affects millions of adults. Many find it hard to fall asleep or stay asleep. As a result, their productivity decreases, affecting both their personal and professional lives. To address this problem, Yale-trained sleep scientist Dr. Knechel started eSleepWellness to offer accessible, customized, and groundbreaking treatment for dealing with insomnia.

eSleepWellness adheres to the scientific principles that serve as the basics for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia. This is also known as CBT-I. It is the recommended first line of treatment for treating insomnia in patients. It is also more effective than medication. Dr. Knechel uses CBT-I for treating patients. However, she uniquely expands on this in her treatment, utilizing her extensive knowledge of insomnia and her scientific research of the problem.

“Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder globally, but there is a disparity between the number of people who suffer from it and the availability of highly trained sleep experts. To address this disparity, eSleepWellness was created. My goal is twofold: to increase access to highly trained sleep experts, and to employ innovative strategies beyond CBT-I that account for additional insomnia risk factors that traditional providers leave out,” said Dr. Knechel.

The providers and coaches at this clinic have received CBT-I certification by completing the CBT-I program developed and tested at Harvard Medical School. However, the providers and coaches go beyond the principles laid out by CBT-I. They also use new techniques that support the patients in other areas that influence sleep, like the anxiety level of the individual, food consumed, stress levels, and so on.

Though options for sleep coaching are developing worldwide, only 2% of the sleep coaches have a doctorate. And Dr. Knechel is among those who have a doctorate.

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