MIS leading the market with decentralized insurance of Metaverse

June 13 23:04 2022

Blockchian technology has started for almost 3 decades and the evolution started from 1991. With over a decade, the blockchian technology has received the global acceptance. In 2019, almost worldwide have started to invest in cryptocurrencies similar to their investments in the stock market and mutual funds. In the same year, is the rise of DeFi ecology. In 2021, it was the rise of metaverse and NFT and in 2022, with the rise of investments in the blockchain space, is the rise of decentralized Insurance.


The world is undergoing changes, with metaverse, we can foresee that the finance sector has also begun moving into the virtual world. Regardless of any kind of finance and investments, there’s always be profit and losses, by securing your funds with insurance , you are placing a layer of protection to your investments, no matter what you do, the risks will not be beyond your tolerance.


The global insurance industry has a market value of trillions of dollars, and insurance companies operate in various industries, with total insurance coverage reaching nearly one-tenth of global economic activity.This is why MIS launched MIS Metaverse Insurance by integrating NFT, Gamefi and Defi allowing the community to enter the new financial economy of the Metaverse with ease of mind. In short, decentralized insurance is a completely independent, decentralized insurance mechanism that does not rely on human decision-making for compensation, providing double protection for your funds.


MIS Decentralized insurance is a customizable smart contract insurance mechanism platform, relying on the team’s technical accumulation and security experience in the blockchain field, ensures the asset security of the platform’s diversified digital currency transactions from multiple perspectives, and ensures that DeFi is more secure.


By smart contract insurance mechanism, it help MIS to protect assets as much as possible and minimize risk with just small insurance premiums. Under the circumstance of “double guarantee” of the security of funds, services such as DeFi lending and equity pledge can be seamlessly used.


MIS takes the lead in integrating its cross-chain insurance protocol into a diversified trading ecosystem to help digital assets in the platform be insured. It will improve the security performance of the MIS platform to a whole new level, and will also increase the use of MIS DeFi lending services and equity pledge services for the users.


MIS has 4 on-going projects which the first is Digital currency insurance.With digital insurance, users able to protect their assets from transaction risks by paying a small insurance premium. If there is no claim settlement at the expiration, the insurer can get the return digital currency as the premium income. At the same time, it also accept cross-platform coverage.

Secondly is the DeFi lending.By using the decentralized application (DApps) lending protocol, we are able to provide deposit certificate tokens, the same asset transfers, and the stablecoin is lent to the most profitable fund pool to generate unlimited income.

The third item would be equity pledge.It works with tokens pledged by equity and the income is obtained by generating new currency. With long-term holding, it is estimated that the return on investment will be as high as 5%-50%.

Lastly, would be MIS Coin. MIS coins can be freely traded on the trading platform to earn income. It is also the official token of the platform, representing the rights and interests of community members and participating in community autonomy. Holders of MISR coins have the right to become a platform shareholder and distribute dividends.

MIS  provide customers with insurance business from wallet to smart contract, providing investors with protection and to invest with confidence. MIS is very cautious of transparency where all the transactions are recorded on the blockchain’s public ledger. These public addresses are fully open so customers can view these assets and transactions at any time. They use conduct smart contract audits on the protocol to detect security loopholes early and prevent hackers. Cyber security is also a key factor in our consideration and a guarantee of our stable income.

With focus on the projects that MIS currently has, they are also in plan of creating a token trading platform and digital currency insurance platform. Other than platforms, with the rise of metaverse, we will also be involved in the metaverse and NFT development by providing one-stop solutions such as NFT issuance, display, acquisition, and chaining for major brand merchants.  MIS will also form DAO community , which is a Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. It would be a crypto-native group formed around a common purpose. MIS ultimately hope to create a transaction insurance mechanism that could provide all the blockchian users a peace of mind.

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