Chinese Poet Yau Noi releases his first full-length poetry collection, The Crane: Selected Poems

August 01 22:07 2022
Chinese poet Yau Noi released his first comprehensive collection of poems, The Crane: Selected Poems.

The Crane: Selected Poems, written by the famous poet Yau Noi and translated by Liu Xun and Harry Clifton, has been released as a dual-language edition on Amazon. The book is the first comprehensive collection of poems by Chinese poet Yau Noi to be printed in English. He was also known as Wa Lan, which was an earlier pseudonym. 

Like many of his generation, the Chinese poet Yau Noi has lived through two very different Chinas. He was born and raised on a modest farm in Jiangsu Province, Southern China, but he later learned about the intricacy of an ever-more urbanized world. Later, as a young man in the late 1980s, he spoke about the significant changes that China was experiencing during those turbulent years.

Yau Noi’s poetry draws inspiration from surrealism and the “Misty” poets who defied limitations on art during the Cultural Revolution and recounts distinct “Before,” “During,” and “After” periods. It serves as a record of his journey as well as the path of his nation.

The poet now resides in Hong Kong. Some of his earlier published works include Feng Ju (1993), The Poetry of Wa Lan (2002), and Selected Poems of Yau Noi (2022). His works have been translated into Swedish. The Crane is Yau Noi’s first full-length poetry collection in English translation. 

The poems written by Yau Noi are immensely engaging and distinctive in their style. It provides the readers a peek into the times that gave rise to them. The poet wants the readers to go beyond the written words and look into the poem. Chinese poets of the 20th century have avoided the Cataclysm of the Chinese language. However, Yau Noi, in his poems, Yau Noi responds to these changes in the Chinese poetry tradition. 

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About Yau Noi:

Yau Noi, a poet from China, has experienced two very different Chinas. He was nurtured on a small farm in Jiangsu Province, Southern China, where he was born and raised, but he eventually discovered the complexity of an ever-more urbanized world. Later, as a young man in the late 1980s, he began to talk about the profound changes China was going through at that time.

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