Forsentek Co., Limited Launches Various Force Sensors And Load Cells To Offer Accurate Measurement Under Different Conditions

Forsentek Co., Limited Launches Various Force Sensors And Load Cells To Offer Accurate Measurement Under Different Conditions

August 02
15:02 2022
Forsentek Co., Limited releases modern force sensors, load cells, and measuring instruments available at reasonable prices and manufactured using high-quality materials.

Forsentek Co., Limited is a leading state-owned enterprise in the field of force sensors, load cells, and measuring instruments. For more than thirty years, this firm has been manufacturing products of high quality, which have earned them an excellent reputation among domestic and international clients. At the same time, this company is always committed to innovation and improvement in product technology. They are also dedicated to meeting clients’ requirements through high performance and excellent service. These engineers ensure that all of their force sensors, load cells, and measuring instruments are of excellent quality, long-lasting and affordable prices. These measuring solutions are widely used for various applications including industrial automation, transportation, and precision measurement. Apart from these measuring solutions, they also offer professional solutions and technical support to their customers.


The multi axis force sensor designed in this prestigious company comes with the latest features. The features and tech are uniquely incorporated with the help of advanced technology, which is cost-effective as well as efficient in daily use. These force sensors also provide users with the convenience of user-friendly interface with the help of their clear display. Additionally, these sensors can be easily used with other software and are technologically compatible. With this, they are perfect for use in applications like automotive, aerospace, medical and biological engineering, geophysical survey, laboratory experiments, and more. The precision of these sensors is within the range of 0.1N to 10T, depending on the products. Apart from this, these force sensors are available at a very economical price which is affordable for all.

Another quality measuring instrument available here is small load cell. This instrument is clearly designed for its users to have the flexibility of easily mounting in different applications. The compact design of this small load cell enables it to be used widely in applications like medical devices, automotive parts, and aerospace. Additionally, these load cells are also available with different modes which suit the specific needs of their users. Moreover, these load cells are designed as per the requirements of their customers and can be customized as per their requirements.


The miniature load cell also another popular device of this company. These load cells are manufactured using the latest technology and machinery. They are available in a wide range of ranges which users can easily use as per their requirements. Additionally, these load cells are easy to install and have high precision and durability. Their designs are also fabricated to have different modes which suit their users. These load cells have also been used widely in aerospace, medical and precision engineering industries as well as in other applications. These miniature load cells are available at a very reasonable price to their users.

About Forsentek Co., Limited

With the help experienced engineers, Forsentek Co., Limited has been manufacturing force sensors, load cells, and measuring instruments for a long time. These products are widely used as per their requirements in various industries. Their manufacturing facility is spread over 40,000 square feet and has over 500 employees who utilize state-of-art machinery for the manufacture of force sensors and load cells. The reliable services of this firm are also offered to its valued customers.

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