The free Jira alternate that does everything it should – Crowd Passion helps agile scrum teams manage tasks efficiently

The free Jira alternate that does everything it should – Crowd Passion helps agile scrum teams manage tasks efficiently

August 02
19:18 2022
Crowd Passion is a free development management tool taking over the market with its efficient usability. Crowd Passion is designed for agile teams who want to go faster and focus on what really matters. The tool offers everything needed for scrum teams without hassle; it’s the most efficient alternative to the market-leading agile management tool, Jira.

Helping agile teams achieve their tasks much more efficiently, Crowd Passion is the hottest, and cheapest, tool in the market. Crowd Passion competes directly with the market leader, Jira. This latest tool, Crowd Passion allows teams to easily manage their tasks without having to worry about unnecessary stuff. This tool does not pretend to be something it’s not; it is a straight-to-point flexible development management tool suitable for small to medium teams looking to achieve great things.

Jira has been leading the agile development management market for some time now. Crowd Passion is here to put on a show and strip away with the features that no one really uses to keep things lean. Crowd Passion allows teams to set up their sprints, prioritize their tasks and ideas, and keep their backlogs clean and easy to manage. Crowd Passion is created to efficiently and easily manage teams so that they can work faster.

Crowd Passion is very easy to learn. It provides an intuitive user interface and doesn’t bombard users with features that are simply not used. The tool was created based on the idea of simplicity and providing easy access to users. Crowd Passion offers amazing features to let agile scrum teams manage and plan their sprints. It offers quick and responsive usability while being light and super quick.

This latest development management tool, Crowd Passion is run by Rob List, a Vice President of a large financial services company. Being a person with an abundance of experience, he knows his products. He has been dealing with multi-billion pound businesses. This latest venture will allow him to reflect on his expertise and an experience of more than 20 years to make Crowd Passion a success.

Rob talked about the tool and said: “I started Crowd Passion because as a product owner and scrum master I found that I was spending far too long maintaining Jira in my planning sessions for no real benefit. Crowd Passion is designed to be lightning-fast and easy to learn.” Crowd Passion may not be suitable for large organisations that want huge third-party API integrations. It is best suitable for scrum teams to assign tasks to each team member and track their progress and close their tasks when they are complete

About Crowd Passion:

Being a lightweight, free and quick tool, Crowd Passion allows agile teams to truly experience their highest potential. It doesn’t hinder teams with features that are not helpful or never used by anyone. Crowd Passion is the Jira alternative that doesn’t have unnecessary features and gimmicks. It focuses solely on being easy to use, quick, and easy to navigate, and allows teams to manage their workloads much more efficiently. Crowd Passion also provides user documentation to help users get started.

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