Now Applicants can apply for Urgent emergency and transit Indian visas via Indian Visa Online

Now Applicants can apply for Urgent emergency and transit Indian visas via Indian Visa Online

September 08
19:39 2022

Indian Visa Online is an online system that simplifies the online process for travellers from 180 countries. They can apply via to get a visa and travel to India for tourism, business visits, or medical treatment. For each of these purposes, different e-visas are available. Indian tourist and business e-visas come with long-term validity. Indian medical e-Visa comes with a short-term validity period of 60 days.

Indian Visa from Australia

All Argentina citizens must apply for an Indian E-Visa or Visa to enter India. Online visa application is faster and easier than paper visa application, so it’s the ideal option for everyone. Argentina citizens can apply for an Indian visa quickly and easily. They need to have a passport, an email id, and a credit/debit card. Australian citizens can apply for their Indian Visa online which is sent directly to their email address after the visa approval. It takes 3-4 business days and they do not have to leave home or put any effort into it.

Transit Visa for India

All foreigners need a visa to enter India. Some must apply in advance at an embassy or consulate for a transit visa to India. However, most holders of foreign passports may now apply for an Indian eVisa online to get one specially-made for the transit. The online form is easy to fill out as it only takes a few minutes and applicants must have a valid passport, email id, and travel information. Transit visas are good for one or two trips and can be used to enter India within 15 days of the date of issuance, so you must plan your trip carefully in advance.

Urgent Emergency Indian Visa

Emergency India Visa is only available in the case of an emergency like the death or serious illness of a relative. It can be obtained by the local Indian High Commission or Embassy. This e-visa requires a personal visit to the embassy. The process of receiving an eVisa takes 24-72 hours and is done on a best-effort basis. In the case of a medical emergency, the applicant needs to provide proof that it is an emergency.

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