Ruth Finnegan Films and Scripts Score A Unique Record Of Winning Awards in International Competitions

Ruth Finnegan Films and Scripts Score A Unique Record Of Winning Awards in International Competitions

September 13
14:37 2022
Ruth Finnegan has set a stunning record of garnering awards for every one of her completed scripts.

Ruth Finnegan, renowned scholar, Northern Irish linguistic anthropologist, and Emeritus Professor of the Open University, holds a unique record.  ALL her screenplays have received multiple awards in  international competitions. Her scripts have won 245 Award Winner results (and counting)  as well as many lesser awards.

“Since I started on them five years ago, I have come to love writing screenplays – or, put better, I have somehow found them just arriving with me in a kind of intense dreamlike way. I am constantly inspired and enlightened by my background in the history and culture of Ireland, by African story-telling, and by my first degree in the wonderful literature of the ancient world”.

Movies (Shanpepe films)


  “A moment, I remember” (

  “No biscuits in heaven”


“Black Inked Pearl, a mythic tale of love”, my first screenplay, is adapted from my multi-award novel, The Black Inked Pearl. It is an exciting tale about God and his feisty wife making an off-hand wager about love. This creates a huge turmoil in the lives of two young Irish mortals. The script has 17 Winner Awards and has been  ranked 9th on Coverfly Red List Fantasy Feature.

“Betrothed, A Crusades romance”, adapted from The Betrothed by Walter Scott, is a haunting love triangle with 33 Winner Awards. It was ranked 14 on Coverfly, RED LIST Jan 2022 Action Feature.

“The Red Robe, a tale of the Cardinal’s France”,  adapted from Stanley Weyman’s novel, Under the Red Robe, is the story of a hard-hearted swashbuckling swordsman who has just days to save his life. 17 Winner Awards.

“Voyagers of the Fijian Pearl”, loosely adapted from Ruth Finnegan’s prizewinning novel, The Voyage of the Pearl of the Seas, shows us two teenagers becoming unlikely (inter-racial) friends and sailing a magic ship amid terrifying seas. 18 Winner Awards.

“Kathy”, an incredibly moving tale inspired by Shakespeare’s Othello has  won 13 Winner results.

“A Moment, I remember”, an original script, outlines  story of two once-lovers who meet unexpectedly before he has to rush off, leaving no address. It has an impressive 28 Winner Awards.

“The Fortieth Thief”, adapted from the author’s novella, is the tale of a young boy who longs to be a “proper thief” so he can get his adored little sister what she wants. But then he discovers  what thievery really is, and everything changes. It has 14 Winner results.

“No Biscuits in Heaven”, adapted from Ruth’s novella of the same name, is about an exiled angel, now just a homesick little boy, who must experience the worst and the best of human life before he may return to heaven. One if the mist successful if Ruth’s screenplays it has 33 Winner Awards.

“Persuasion”, adapted from Ruth’s favourite Jane Austen novel (Persuasion) is the story of a vain nobleman who despises his second daughter. It has 15 Winner results.

“The Mountain”, inspired by a true story, traces the compelling tale of a conscientious objector in the first world war, an internationally admired mountaineer, He is chosen for the 1923 Everest team – until  a co-member,  once a close friend, refuses to serve alongside a “conshie”. It has 26 Winner Awards and has been  on the Coverfly RED LIST.

“That Demmed Elusive Pimpernel”, adapted from Baroness Orczy’s mystery novel The Scarlet Pimpernel, is a story of desperate love and heroism. It has 14 Winner results and was Coverfly Action Feature Top 20 in Jan 2022.

“Rocker from Heaven”, adapted from the author’s novella, is about a devoted young angel trying to save his sister from blowing up the world in revenge for a love betrayed. It has 16 Winner results.

In active development, ready soon  

  • Orpheus with his lyre, old tale, a new twist

Other scripts on the way include:

  • “The love of Tavannes”, set during the Parisian St Bartholomew’s Eve massacre is a romance  adapted from Stanley Weyman‘s novel, Count Hannibal.
  • “The Grand Sophia”, romance adapted from the famous historical novel by Georgette Heyer
  • “Alcestis, a tale of true love”, adapted from Euripides Alcestis)
  • “Joan, the Fool-Saint”, adapted from Bernard Shaw, St Joan
  • Odysseus the man (a version of Homer’s evergreen tale).

Other works

  • Books (fiction and nonfiction), novellas, and poetry (both conventionally and self-published).
  • Children’s picture books (various illustrators)
  • Many academic presentations and “distinguished lectures,” live and (2020/21) online

Audiobooks, including (among many others):

     Emily and the monster

     The lady and the dragon

  • David, oratorio libretto, music in development by Adrian Boynton, English church musical director and composer of religious choral music.

About Ruth Finnegan:

Ruth Finnegan (, OBE is a renowned scholar and celebrated writer, an Emeritus Professor, the Open University, a Fellow of the British Academy and  the American Folklore Society and an Honorary Fellow of Somerville College Oxford. Ruth  was born in Derry (31 December 1933) and grew up there and in the remote countryside of Donegal. She went to a literature-imbued Quaker school in York, earned top degrees in classics and anthropology at Oxford, and conducted fieldwork on story-telling in Africa. From 1969, apart from three years in the South Pacific Island of Fiji, she taught and researched at the pioneering Open University. She is the author of over twenty academic books, several of them prize-winning. She has three daughters (two born in Nigeria), five grandchildren (one in New Zealand), and now lives in Old Bletchley, England, with her husband of over 50 years.

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