Orchid Medical Centre Announces Piles Treatment in Ranchi for Worldwide Patients

Orchid Medical Centre Announces Piles Treatment in Ranchi for Worldwide Patients

September 30
10:22 2022
Orchid Medical Centre Announces Piles Treatment in Ranchi for Worldwide Patients
Piles Treatment in Ranchi, Jharkhand
Orchid Medical Centre is India’s primary destination for piles and hernia treatment. This Ranchi hospital has ultra-modern medical facilities and top-notch services.

Orchid Medical Centre introduces pile treatment with the best doctors and staff. This Medical Centre is the best hospital in Jharkhand for pile treatment in Ranchi. Piles are a very common health problem and are normally treated by physicians from different medical fields like urologists, colon & rectal surgeons, gynaecologists, orthopaedic surgeons, and general surgeons. However, it can also be diagnosed by a general physician or an internist (physician). Piles are caused due to chronic constipation. Thus, people suffering from this problem should avoid constipation by including vegetables, fruits, and whole grains in their diet. If a person is suffering from piles, then consult the doctor ASAP.

There are two types of piles: internal and external. Internal piles inside the anal canal can be very difficult to detect. External piles can be easily seen. The main cause of piles is straining during bowel movements, which may be caused by constipation or diarrhoea. Other possible causes include pregnancy, obesity, heavy lifting, chronic coughing, ageing, sitting for long periods, excessive exercise, and long-distance travel. Stress and high diets in refined sugar may contribute to the development of piles.

Besides piles treatment, Orchid Medical Centre is the best health facility for hernia treatment. Hernia treatment in Ranchi includes various options based on the specific type of hernia, including laparoscopic surgery, surgery using an implant, open surgery, and minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery. Patients can also be treated with minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery for hernias that cause debilitating symptoms such as severe pain or vomiting but don’t require surgical correction. Each type of hernia treatment has its advantages and disadvantages. Surgery is necessary for all types of inguinal hernias and abdominal hernias, but it’s not always appropriate for femoral hernias. Minimally invasive techniques are generally used for repairing inguinal and femoral hernias because they’re less invasive than traditional techniques and have fewer side effects. However, the procedure depends on the individual patient’s needs and circumstances.

“I have been suffering from piles for the last 10 years, but after I started the treatment at Orchid Medical Centre, it totally cured me. I am very thankful to him and his team of doctors. They are very co-operative and friendly. I highly recommend Orchid Medical Centre for pile treatment in Ranchi.” Said one of the patients.

About Orchid Medical Centre

Orchid Medical Centre is NABH accredited hospital in Ranchi, Jharkhand, India. It is known for its advanced and ultramodern medical equipment and experienced surgeons. Keeping with Orchid’s high-quality standards, the clinic offers services related to hernia treatment at affordable prices. The clinic has modern facilities, including an ambulance for transportation and an operation theatre for scheduled surgeries.

For more detailed information, please visit https://www.orchidmedcentre.com/.

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