CD Biosciences Develops DNA-based Testing to Support Disease Diagnosis and Predict Disease Risks

November 09 14:32 2022
CD Biosciences announced the release of its DNA-based testing services to support disease diagnosis and predict disease risks.

New York, USA – November 9, 2022 – CD Biosciences, with years of experience and a professional scientific team, is dedicated to accelerating the research and application of high-throughput DNA synthesis technology. Based on the professional htDNA-chip platform, CD Biosciences is capable to provide power for the DNA research of all mankind, and accelerating the development of biology. Recently, it announced the release of its DNA-based testing services to support disease diagnosis and predict disease risks.

Genetic testing can be used to analyze the types of genes an individual contains to determine whether a gene is defective, whether gene expression functions normally, to determine the cause of a disease, or to predict the risk of a certain disease. Genetic testing can diagnose disease and can also be used to predict disease risk. There are three general approaches to genetic testing offered by CD Biosciences:

• Biochemical tests are chemical tests that measure the amount of protein in the blood, urine, and amniotic fluid samples. It is used to diagnose genetic defects caused by an imbalance in a certain protein that maintains the body’s normal function.

• Chromosomal analysis directly detects abnormalities in the number and structure of chromosomes, rather than detecting mutations or abnormalities in a gene on a chromosome. It is often used to diagnose abnormalities in the fetus.

• DNA analysis is mainly used to identify genetic diseases caused by abnormalities in a single gene, mainly by analyzing cells from blood or hair.

For most genetic testing processes, htDNA-chip platform can provide high-throughput next-generation sequencing, which greatly shortens the gene sequencing time. htDNA chips can achieve the output of sequencing results in minutes, which greatly promotes the application of genetic testing in medical care. Compared to low-throughput and inaccurate sequencing, htDNA-chip has distinct advantages. The participation of htDNA-chip can promote the development of genetic testing in medical diagnosis.

CD Biosciences can perform high-throughput amplification through htDNA-chip technology platform. At the same time, specific primers and Taqman probes for viral sequences need to be added. The Taqman probe binds to the template, and the probe is then digested and degraded. Finally, the reporter and quencher groups separate and emit a fluorescent signal. Each time a DNA strand is amplified, a fluorescent molecule is produced. Finally, the level of fluorescent signal can be detected to determine whether the virus to be tested is present in the sample.

“We provide rapid test results to help targeted prevention of underlying diseases and precise treatment of diseases when they occur.” said Marcia Brady, the marketing director of CD Biosciences, she also added, “Our team is capable to provide customized solution based on your specific requirements.”

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