Bryan John Farrell’s Tavern selected for a film adaptation project

Bryan John Farrell’s Tavern selected for a film adaptation project

November 14
19:29 2022
Author Bryan John Farrell’s book Tavern has been selected for a film adaptation project.

DreamBooks Media Professionals has selected Tavern for a project involving a film adaptation. 

The book, Tavern: A Historical Novel Based Upon an Early San Francisco Saloon and the Family That Owned and Operated, is about time and love in all its manifestations. It tells the story of a would-be slacker returning to his childhood home and traditions after having fled them many years earlier. The Tavern’s past is revealed, as well as the tales of its proprietors, through a Portal.

John, a former sailor, and underachiever returns to San Francisco to cope with his inheritance—a saloon Tavern, that his family has owned and run for more than a century. Selling it will enable him to continue looking for a Never-Never Land, freedom, no responsibility. His legacy including the property consists of a day bag, a large leather bag with family heirlooms, a Los Arras, a small fancy box with 13 coins, and other items. The 13 coins of Los Arras serve as a portal, a doorway to the past and his forefathers who ran the Tavern.

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About the Author: 

Bryan John Farrell was born in Montana. As the eighth child of eight born into an Irish Catholic household in Montana, he received very little guidance as he was growing up in San Francisco. He left school early, joined the Navy, and got married at the age of seventeen, a restless soul. He served for four years before returning to San Francisco to start a family, earn an engineering degree, and work for a long time in the Silicon Valley technical sector.

About DreamBooks:

The business produces a quarterly submission in a certain genre demanded by the movie studios, where they showcase a variety of storylines. These different tales are sent to small, large, or medium-sized businesses. DreamBooks helps authors fulfill their dreams by working hard with them and leading them to the right investors.

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