Elena Von Kohn’s “Dancing With Gravity” is creating a stir in the art world

Elena Von Kohn’s “Dancing With Gravity” is creating a stir in the art world

November 21
08:13 2022
The new series is a collection of original oil paintings and their 1/1 NFT animated art variant.

The art world is buzzing over a new series by artist Elena Von Kohn.  Dividing opinions after being termed as “Too Provocative” and “Fresh Perspective,” Elena Von Kohn’s four art pieces from her latest collection, “Dancing With Gravity,” is stirring a lot of controversies and conversation at the same time. Even though the subject of debate in the art world is nothing new, Von Kohn’s distinctive brand of Figurative Enigmatic Surrealism is said to draw inspiration from surrealism and abstract impressionism while posing numerous questions on each canvas.

The “Return of Innocent” focuses on what the true nature of bringing back something lost or going back in time entails. Depending on an individual’s interpretation, it could speak of a golden period or perhaps a more sinister era when most people’s lives weren’t so brilliant.

Another piece, with the thought-provoking title “Age of Diversity,” seems to either poke fun at modern attempts to achieve diversity while displaying little diversity or question whether one can truly distinguish between the perception of reality and diversity.

The artist has gone above and above to create NFT versions of the static pieces to give them a unique, dynamic movement. While many think an art piece that asks multiple questions is often a masterpiece, the conversation fuelled by Elena Von Kohn is truly starting an art war between both sides.

The new series by Von Kohn serves as both a discussion point for educated art enthusiasts and a tool for the common public and art lovers to enjoy by considering our perspectives and exchanging them with one another. Her new thought-provoking series is currently available on OpenSea.

To learn more about Elena Von Kohn, visit: www.elenavonkohn.com

About Elena Von Kohn

Born in Germany and educated in Moscow, Elena Von Kohn attended Moscow Art University, studying fine arts and art history. She rose to fame with her works in the Manezh Exhibition, The Moscow Art Expo, and her first of many featured one-woman shows, “Ruse Bulgaria.” 

She also won the Moscow Artist of the Year Award, the Bulgarian International Artist Award, the Russian Art Ambassador Award, and many other accolades. While much is unknown about her travels, the footprints of her travels through pain, France, India, Nepal, Holland, and the Americas can be found in her artwork.

With a wish to create something more dynamic and mesmerizing, Elena Von Kohn is making her first foray into the NFT world with her impeccable artwork, which has been described as “A spa for the eyes and mind.”

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