Take off, The trend of Speed Deal is clear, and the stronger private placement is about to start

Take off, The trend of Speed Deal is clear, and the stronger private placement is about to start

November 22
01:11 2022

Speed Deal (SDD for short) is an NFT trading platform under GA Foundation, an organization of NFT international alliance. It is underwritten by Singapore’s CLG blockchain guarantee agency and backed by top tier foundations in more than a dozen countries around the world, including Schroder Foundation, Franklin Tempel Fund and United Bernstein Fund. Recently, they announced that they will launch private placement in the near future.

What is Speed Deal?

The mission of the SDD platform is to reduce the barriers for users to enter the digital economy, establish ecological autonomy under the diversified digital asset system in the meta universe era, and become a truly diversified, rationalized and humanized trading platform!

In SDD, users are not only purchasers of NFT, but also designers and publishers of NFT. They can not only purchase excellent digital artworks issued by large projects and professional NFT institutions, but also self cast NFT. At the same time, any user can obtain platform currency GAC in SDD for free mining in exchange for NFT commodities, or reserve it for trading on the exchange.

Why Speed Deal?

A good project must have several advantages: First, reliable strength; 2、 Current earnings; 3、 Future value. It is reflected in SDD.

SDD is favored by top tier foundations in more than ten countries around the world. What is the logic behind these front-line institutions’ investment in SDD? Its project partner, GA Foundation, is undoubtedly an additional item. As an NFT international alliance organization, it is also the world’s most authoritative digital asset audit organization, making the compliance of SDD far superior to similar platforms around the world. And its overall architecture is designed and created by the top blockchain technology team in Silicon Valley of the United States. All the technology ecology is ready to be launched at any time.

In the digital asset trading market, a platform with high compliance, stable system and capital base undoubtedly means high efficiency, high income and high liquidity, which is enough to drive anyone crazy. In terms of high income, SDD undoubtedly goes further. It not only brings a new revenue model, but also completely redefines the traditional mining concept.

Two key income products of SDD, platform currency GAC and fund equity certificate GA_ Fund, depicts an infinite economic model!

GAC is limited to 28 million global coins, of which 22.5 million are obtained by users through free mining, which can be used to exchange NFT commodities, or retain GAC for subsequent self NFT casting and issuance, meta universe synthesis factory, digital library and other platform playing methods. GAC can be said to be the basic prop in SDD. After becoming a formal miner or senior miner of GAC, GAC can also enjoy long-term incentives such as global node income and fund dividend. With the triple support of NFT market trend, platform play operation and income incentive, this means that everyone will actively invest in the mining of GAC and spontaneously add liquidity! GAC will undoubtedly be a stable spiral rise in the short term! Isn’t it exciting to hear this? Then please keep reading!

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