BAAL token brings a risk-free investment solution for Crypto Investors

BAAL token brings a risk-free investment solution for Crypto Investors

November 24
23:37 2022
BAAL token brings a risk-free investment solution for Crypto Investors
BAAL is an upcoming secure payment app, that allows cryptocurrency holders to buy anything at a discount directly using cryptocurrency.

For the first time in the history of cryptocurrency, BAAL, an upcoming crypto token, is all set to offer a “Capital Safe Money Back Guarantee” for three years. The broad audience that BAAL targets will take this as a safe investment because of no chances of loss. With the Capital Safe Money Back Guarantee, the investors will be able to sell it back to the company if the price goes down after one year of the public launch. For example, if an investor goes public on any exchange on a certain date, then exactly after one year they will be able to claim back the guarantee; with a one or two days window. Thus, the investors will be in a zero-risk state even if the token’s price goes down from its initial price. 

BAAL has declared 12.5 million as its initial marketing budget for the second quarter of 2023, i.e., the last quarter of 2022. Investors could visit the BAAL website and use the secured payment gateways to invest in BAAL. Holding BAAL coins has its advantages. 0.5% of every translation fee goes to the BAAL coin holders. 

Discount offer in the BAAL app is the greatest attraction among the masses. Users who buy anything from BAAL App will enjoy a straight-aways discount of 5% on everything. This feature of the App will increase demand for the BAAL coin in the future and will eventually result in an increased price of BAAL coin, indirectly letting the BAAL holders earn more from it. 

BAAL has also started an author’s contest in which writers could earn up to 10k BAAL coins merely by writing articles about BAAL on crypto-related websites. The top 15 winners will get 10k BAAL coins, and the rest of the runners-up will get 1k to 8k BAAL coins. The writers could enter the contest by submitting their article links at [email protected].

The key findings of the BAAL initial coin offering (ICO) include the following:

– The BAAL app is going to grab a broad audience because of its discount feature

– The high demand for the BAAL coin is going to increase its price in future

– Investors can invest in BAAL and earn interest on it

– The marketing budget of 12.5Million is being spent only in the first quarter of its launch

– Affiliates can earn BAAL coins using referral links available on the website

– Writers can take part in the upcoming writer’s contest and earn up to 10k BAAL coins

– Because of the “Capital Safe Money Back Guarantee,” BAAL is a safe investment

The ICO offers a “Capital Safe Money Back Guarantee” and opportunities for writers, affiliates, and investors to earn BAAL coins.

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About BAAL: 

BAAL is a cutting-edge technology-based payment service app with a unique discount feature that allows crypto users to pay online or in person by phone. Paying by Baal saves users from the hassle of going to exchanges and converting their crypto into fiat for mainstream payments.

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