Koreanourjokbal – The Korean company whose unusual actions gained worldwide praise

Koreanourjokbal – The Korean company whose unusual actions gained worldwide praise

December 01
01:51 2022

A Korean company’s action is drawing attention worldwide.

In November of this year, Koreanour, a Korean company, announced its ambition to promote Korean food worldwide by launching a jokbal brand. Jokbal started as a dish made by refugees during the Korean War that broke out in 1950, and is now one of the most loved foods in Korea. However, Koreanour went straight to the Philippines, leaving behind a focus on sales in Korea even before launch.

There was a special reason for their actions.

Koreanour said, “Jokbal was born under the influence of the Korean War. Of course, we thought it should be served first to the veterans who sacrificed themselves for the country.” They also announced that they would visit 16 countries that participated in the Korean War. For the first country, they went to the Philippines, which was the first country in Asia to dispatch soldiers to the Korean War.

Koreanour visited the homes of Filipino veterans, delivered donations, and prepared a Korean style dinner including Koreanour jokbal.

In addition, upon hearing the news of their visit, the Philippines expressed its gratitude towards the Korean company by allowing them to use a police station in the capital, Manila, as a dining venue for veterans and holding an appreciation plaque award ceremony under the supervision of the Philippine Police Commissioner.

On this day, the CEO of Koreanour said at the ceremony, “The first thing we planned when launching Koreanour was to support Korean War veterans. The current Republic of Korea was made possible because of the Korean War veterans who gave their lives to fight for the country. Remembering that noble sacrifice, we will never forget our gratitude for them.”

People around the world were moved by the actions of this company, showing that the ties between countries forged through war have not changed even after decades have passed. They are praising Koreanour, a Korean company, that took the lead in sponsoring Korean War veterans while leaving corporate profits behind.

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