Origin of Men’s Clothing Brand Or Or (ororcambodia)

Origin of Men’s Clothing Brand Or Or (ororcambodia)

December 28
03:45 2022

Or Or is a menswear brand established on December 25, 2022 (Christmas Day) by Mr. Keo Samnang in Cambodia. Or or, that means good, it’s a word we’ve heard for a long time, especially when kids are wearing nice clothes, we always say or or ha vey! Because it has such a word, Mr. Keo Samnang is interested in using this word as a brand on men’s clothing. Two words or or and a good word (Good Good) Mr. Keo Samnang wants to focus on the best quality first.

During 2016, Mr. Keo Samnang, a trader who sells goods from abroad to his own country, went to Thailand in order to buy men’s clothes to sell in his shop. He went to Chatuchak market, Pratunam Market, Platinum market still has not found the type of shirt fabric that he like, because all the shirts are similar, just the wrong brand. One day he went to MBK Mall, he saw more shop in MBK mall have 100% cotton fabrics in their mall, he bought his own, and he looked at the Brand Tag is made in When he returned to Cambodia, he looked for several agencies and agents of garment factories, but eventually found the factory by negotiating with the agency to produce the A-brand. The two letters of or or at the center, which we see as three letter ror, and the middle case letter is longer than the other two letters, which looks similar to the image of Angkor Wat in the Cambodian flag.

Finally, For six years of the or or brand appeared with a shirt made of 100% cotton, appearing on December 25, 2022, in two colors, black and white in the classic form of a short-sleeved T-shirt., Keo Samnang has achieved his goal of producing clothes using the brand he loves. Very thin to wear, cool, not durable. This is a masterpiece of Cambodian people that have own brand for sale to people in Cambodia and another countries. Quality is the most important word in the brand or or.11:07 PM

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