John Leonard Hart IIII’s new book helps improve corporate culture by shining light on Autism in the workplace

John Leonard Hart IIII’s new book helps improve corporate culture by shining light on Autism in the workplace

January 12
13:34 2023
Once Upon a Business: Somewhere on the Spectrum by John Leonard Hart IIII is a book that helps develop good corporate practices by understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in the office. The book is amazingly well written for a first time author. The storytelling style is creative; employing a unique and humorous “double-narrative” device.

John Leonard Hart IIII, a neurodivergent technologist, who wrote Once Upon a Business: Somewhere on the Spectrum to explore the subject of ASD (Aspergers) and the misconceptions and realities of this too often misunderstood “personality type”. The author uses a unique comic style to explain the complexities of Autism in the workplace in a very engaging tone. The fact and fiction contained in this work combine to make it a work of “faction.”

The author’s narrative is unique, that on the one hand, high school and college students as well as early career professionals and even seasoned professionals are provided insights into understanding the employers’ perspective about how autistic personality traits can be both beneficial and challenging when navigating corporate situations. On the other hand, employers will also benefit by understanding effective ways to provide people on-the-spectrum opportunities. John tells a series of stories about himself and the people around him. John is often “lethal” with his humorous approach, exposing corrupt and discriminatory business practices that are passed off as normal. Even though his observations and commentary are biting, he manages to remain insightful, intelligent, and honest at the same time.

It is fun to see the corporate world through John’s eyes. His ability to expressively share his thoughts and feelings will help workers of any personality type to appreciate and even understand his unique perspective. Reading this book will help the reader develop a sense of empathy and a spirit of collaboration with those on-the-spectrum.

For more information, the official website of Once Upon a Business can is visited. The book (and companion colouring book) are available for sale on all major platforms including Amazon,  Barnes & Noble, and more.

About the Author:

John Leonard Hart IIII is a neurodivergent technologist with a lifetime’s experience working in software engineering and consulting. His humorous and insightful biography, Once Upon a Business: Somewhere on the Spectrum shares his experiences and offers hope to those who are also “on the spectrum” that success and happiness are possible.

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