Want.Net Is Changing the Manufacturing Scenario Across the Globe

Want.Net Is Changing the Manufacturing Scenario Across the Globe

January 17
19:21 2023

As China has planned to lift all the possible guidelines related to COVID-19, things are about to change drastically. This means that quarantines and lockdowns will not take place anytime in the future. The abandonment of the zero-covid policy will see an increase in the manufacturing units of the country. The work will see a steep increase in the coming months. This also means that every company needs to strengthen its workforce and mechanics to meet the current needs.

Want.Net is working tirelessly towards the same in the current scenario. Want.Net specializes in providing CNC machining, injection molding, sheet metal fabrication, and 3D printing service to customers across the globe. Want.Net is an online platform for manufacturing custom parts and prototypes. Initially, they were manufactured for customers in China. As they built a strong and devoted customer base in China, they moved on to other parts of the world.

All the manufacturing services are provided online by Want.Net. This means anyone from any part of the world can approach this manufacturing company with their needs. All the members who have founded Want.Net have ample knowledge and experience in the manufacturing industry. This ensures that all the goods provided by Want.Net will have top-notch quality. They also try to provide everything at affordable rates. This enables global customers to get custom parts on a budget.

According to Jack Hua, CEO of Want.Net:

“We have built a deep relationship with the local manufacturers. We integrate their capacity and optimize the processes from ordering to production. All of these will allow our customers to order their custom parts more easily.”

What makes Want.Net different from all the other manufacturing units in the market depends on the sheer dedication and determination of the owners. The owners and managers of the company have invested their money in creating their quality inspection centre. These inspection centers help in the determination of every custom part that is manufactured.

The thorough inspection of every custom part ensures the best quality is provided to all our customers. Every part goes through multiple quality and security checks before it is made available to the customers. Currently, Want.Net has over six inspection centers in Shenzhen, China.

The staff and members working for Want.Net have years of experience. This means that all the work is done meticulously. Everything is double or triple-checked for assured quality. All this makes Want.Net stand out from its respective competitors.

This has also taken the customer satisfaction rate to 95% now. Jack Hua remarks: 

“The complaint rate has been dropping since we run our inspection lab. We helped our production partners optimize the process so that they can pass our inspection without delay.”

Want.Net has worked with 200+ companies so far. Additionally, there are 125 manufacturers in the network that are connected with Want.Net. 

Want.Net is growing tremendously with every order that is being placed with them. Want.Net wants to continue making progress in the coming years. They want to establish themselves as a leading manufacturing unit in the world.

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