Conni Ponturo Launches Official App, ‘Daily Doses of Health’ with Discounted Courses and Free Content

Conni Ponturo Launches Official App, ‘Daily Doses of Health’ with Discounted Courses and Free Content

January 23
08:07 2023

Woodland Hills, CA, USA – January 23, 2023 – In celebration of her app launch, Get Fit in 5 has been discounted to $15.00 for the next 21 days. For those who are interested, signing up is simple. Use your mobile device to navigate to to get started.

The popular ‘Listen’ Masterclass is available on the app as well for $97.00 and includes Listen, Daily Doses Workouts, 50 & Fabulous Playlist, Ball Class, Working with Weights, Resistance Theraband, Foam Roller, and Debunking. The masterclass is also available in weekly payments for $7/week.

The app also includes a Learn section which hosts Daily Doses Workouts, Debunking, Beginner Pilates, Mat Flow, Ball Class, Working with Weights, Foam Roller, Working Out With a Pillow, Resistance Theraband, Yoga Nidra Meditation, Music Playlists, Standing Work, Flexies Pilates Bar Exercises and more.

“The world is a reflection of how you think. Have you ever noticed how your day starts to determine how it ends and you feel? For instance, if you spill coffee on your shirt as you walk out the door, one by one, things will escalate with your negative thoughts, and you’ll end up having a terrible day,” said Ponturo. “As much as we don’t want to admit it, we are in control of our day. Watch what you say; your body is listening – think positive thoughts and have a great day!”

Ponturo’s love of movement and her ability to see imbalances in the body makes for a perfect system to reeducate the body. Ponturo’s knowledge of myofascial release techniques that you can do at home is unparalleled. Ponturo’s wish is that her clients are aware of their amazing bodies and how to work to the best of their abilities to allow them to move, feel better, and be even more alive.

About Conni Ponturo

Conni Ponturo is a leading authority in pain-free living, which includes the power of creating a harmonious connection of mindset, emotions, and body. Respected for her unique approach to Transformational Movement that merges Pilates, meditation, and mindset, Conni Ponturo teaches her clients how to flourish at every stage and age of their life. Connect with Conni at

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