Toni Lontis and Zondra Evans Are Using Streaming Distribution to Create a Worldwide Network for Ambitious Women

Toni Lontis and Zondra Evans Are Using Streaming Distribution to Create a Worldwide Network for Ambitious Women

March 03
18:22 2023

Dallas, TX, USA – March 3, 2023 – Digital streaming media pioneers, Toni Lontis (Everyday Women’s Network) and Zondra Evans (Zondra TV Network) have partnered up their television networks to expand streaming distribution and create a global network for women.

Everyday Women’s Network is based out of Australia with channel partners in multiple countries. Zondra TV is based out of the United States with producers and distribution in multiple countries.

They’re on a mission to show the world that women are coming together on a united front. With a dream to create a network where women are valued for their content the network champions women and the men who champion women.

The dynamic pair said, “It’s good to show ladies what you can accomplish when you have some technology behind you.”

Zondra Evans created the Zondra TV Network, where she also serves as CEO, and executive produces a variety of shows. Read more about the importance of streaming services at

With the support of Everyday Women’s Network, businesswomen can harness the potential of online broadcasting to develop their own programs and content, reach a wider audience, launch into new markets, generate more money, and cement their position as leaders in their field.

In the last year, Everyday Women’s Network has supported hundreds of entrepreneurs, authors, and thought leaders in expanding their businesses using the following methods of utilizing online broadcasting:

Constructing a sizable, involved online audience consisting of your target clientele

Establishing yourself as a go-to leader in your field while also giving yourself a significant edge over the competition is a winning strategy.

Increasing the number of contacts, calls, and leads in your sales funnel

Using the internet to reach a wide audience

About ZondraTV

ZondraTV is a multimedia platform company with a potential reach of more than 200 million viewers and users. ZTV is currently being televised on seven different streaming platforms. To be featured on the ZondraTV Network, visit

About Everyday Women’s Network

Toni Lontis is the Founder and CEO of Everyday Women’s Network TV and the Toni TV channel. Toni is an author, speaker, award winner, and host of multiple shows including The Everyday Business show. Her mission is to help you find your voice and share it with the world. Visit

Everyday Women’s Network helps entrepreneurs to leverage the power of online broadcasting to create their own shows and content, build new audiences, create new markets, strategically drive new revenue, to assist them in taking the lead in their niche in the world.

To learn more about Everyday Women’s Network, visit

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