Innovative Fc Modification Strategy by Creative Biolabs Boosts ADCC/CDC Enhancement

Innovative Fc Modification Strategy by Creative Biolabs Boosts ADCC/CDC Enhancement

February 26
09:46 2024
Creative Biolabs achieves a significant improvement in therapeutic antibody development by successfully enhancing ADCC and CDC through advanced Fc modification strategies.

New York, USA – February 26, 2024 – The pivotal roles of ADCC and CDC in enhancing the efficacy of therapeutic antibodies against cancer and other diseases by triggering the immune system to eliminate target cells are widely recognized. Leveraging their expertise, the scientific team at Creative Biolabs has employed an advanced Fc engineering technology platform to precisely modify the Fc region of antibodies, thereby enhancing their ADCC and CDC effects.

“We are excited to introduce our ADCC/CDC enhancement technology,” exclaimed the Chief Scientist of Creative Biolabs. “The acknowledgment of the significance of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies in the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases is growing. Their efficacy not only relies on their specific binding to targets via the Fab region but also on the functionality of their Fc region.”

Modifying the Fc region of antibodies enhances their interaction with immune cells and the complement system, significantly improving therapeutic efficacy. Creative Biolabs achieves this enhancement through targeted designs tailored to meet the requirements of different monoclonal antibodies.

Creative Biolabs offers customized Fc modification strategies aimed at enhancing the efficacy of therapeutic antibodies. These strategies include boosting ADCC by enhancing the affinity of antibodies to FcγRIIa/IIIa receptors or augmenting CDC by increasing the affinity to C1q.

Furthermore, Creative Biolabs’ advanced Fc engineering technology platform supports the development of therapeutic Fc silent antibodies. These approaches may involve introducing mutations in the Fc region to attenuate or eliminate Fc effector functions, thereby achieving Fc silence. Biophysical and structural analysis techniques are employed to understand the interaction mechanisms between silent Fc antibodies and Fcγ receptors or C1q, facilitating the optimization of mutation designs.

“In recent decades, immunotherapy research has deepened, presenting opportunities for designing customized, more effective therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. While most approved therapeutic IgGs retain the native IgG Fc structure domain, our understanding of Fc receptor biology continues to expand, offering new avenues for developing improved treatment strategies.”

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As a leading biotechnology company, Creative Biolabs offers cutting-edge therapeutic Fc engineering technology aimed at enhancing ADCC and CDC effects. With a dedication to continuous innovation and technological advancements, Creative Biolabs remains steadfast in its mission to provide top-notch, efficient biotechnology services to clients worldwide, thereby bolstering scientific research and drug development efforts.

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