Pet-Care Startup The Pet Journey Introduces Raw Dog Food in India

Pet-Care Startup The Pet Journey Introduces Raw Dog Food in India

February 26
13:52 2024

The time to transition to a natural, ancestral food source for our pets is now and The Pet Journey is excited to lead this transformation, promising a future where all dogs in India can enjoy the health and happiness they deserve.

Pet humanization has become a growing trend since the pandemic, with pets being considered as part of the family rather than simply companion animals. This has had a huge impact on our culture in general, as well as the whole pet sector. A significant impact has been experienced on the pet food market, particularly in terms of demand for natural, nutrition-rich pet meals.

In keeping with the trend, Pet Care Startup The Pet Journey has introduced a revolutionary raw dog food in India. Journey Raw Dog Food is the brainchild of Sagar Badakere, the founder of The Pet Journey and an ardent dog lover. 

A raw diet for pets is one that is rich in raw meats, bones, organs, and some vegetation. Ideally, a raw meat-based diet is not just natural but species-appropriate for our canine friends, giving them a long and healthy life. The Pet Journey adds in that once you begin to feed your dog a natural, species-appropriate diet, you will see a host of improvements in your dog’s overall health over time.

When asked, Mr. Badakere stated, “Raw feeding is a concept that is still unknown to pet parents, most people consider feeding their dogs a highly processed kibble diet or table scraps. The Pet Journey wants people to understand that dogs have evolved from wolves and raw food is their natural/ancestral diet. This is what they have been eating for millions of years of evolution and even today our dogs stand to gain a lot from a natural diet, with visible health benefits.”

After a long and exciting career with two pet food companies over the last eight years, Sagar realized there was a gap and shifted his complete attention to canine health and well-being. He identified the need for a natural human-grade pet product – A product that goes beyond the norm and sets to create something that’s healthy, nourishing and meets a dog’s dietary requirement without adding unnecessary chemicals to their food.

He added, “I spent 8+ years in the pet industry, studying, researching, and delving deep into the business. The result is a delicious product that has been crafted with love and care and provides our furry companions with the best nutrition that is perfectly aligned with their evolutionary needs. The first and immediate beneficiaries of my knowledge were my dogs. A 9-year old rottweiler Caeser who has been raw-fed since he was 6 months old and Milo, a 9-year-old Jack Russel Terrier who has never gone to a vet except for his first vaccination.”

Since health and nutrition are now the most important lifestyle requirements for both humans as well as their furry companions, especially after the pandemic, pet owners who see their animals as members of the family are willing to put in more effort in understanding their dietary requirements. They have started researching more about raw and species-appropriate diets for the health of their beloved pets.

The Pet Journey’s philosophy is grounded in the belief that dogs deserve the very best i.e. nutrition aligned with their evolutionary needs. The startup is on a mission to deliver an affordable, species-appropriate diet using human-grade ingredients of the highest quality. Journey Raw Dog Food range is available in various formulations, catering to dogs of all breeds and life stages. 

Pet parents across India can purchase these products online at, they are currently delivering to Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Kolhapur, Chennai and Hyderabad and soon would be available in Delhi and Bangalore as well, with an intent of making raw feeding easier in India.

About Journey Raw Dog Food (A proprietary brand of The Pet Journey)

Journey Raw Dog Food is dedicated to providing Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods that meet the evolutionary dietary needs of dogs. The brand’s commitment to 100% natural, species-appropriate diets is unmatched, offering pet parents a trustworthy and effective solution for ensuring their pets live healthier, longer lives.

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