TUB byte ecology – Connecting digital assets to the real world

TUB byte ecology – Connecting digital assets to the real world

October 12
17:50 2019

TUB (Galaxy Chain) is a TUB byte ecology jointly launched by Byte Eco Group of the United States and AFE International Fund of Canada. TUB takes consumption mining as the entrance, creating its fans economy. Besides, it brings asset appreciation based on the TUB public chain to achieve wealth freedom.

TUB applications are extremely broad, involving global shopping malls, finance, games, large mobile games, social live broadcasts and education. Through its strong market value management, TUB can quickly increase the value of fission and protect the healthy operation of TUB.

Based on the application and promotion of high-end technologies such as Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence, TUB makes consumption mining more secure, efficient, stable, and long-lasting, thereby enhancing digital assets and highly diversified application value. TUB has the following features:

1. One main part and many followers

2. multi-layer and multi-region

3. Consensus mechanism – GHHC=[(POSE+POR+POIR)]*N

Election mechanism: POSE+POR+ROIR

Security mechanism: (POSE+POR+ROIR)+DBFT

Concurrency mechanism: hierarchical partitioning

Arbitration mechanism: hierarchical division

Speed mechanism: business assignment based on hierarchical partitioning structure: hierarchical partitioning + DBF

Since 2017, the blockchain has become the hottest topic without any suspense. Its decentralized, distributed storage, and non-tamperable features are likely to end or subvert the existing Internet model. Some even commented: Blockchain is the ninth wonder of the world! The decentralization concept of the blockchain is gradually subverting the traditional monetary concept, and it has exerted great influence in the world for a short time. With the growing maturity and improvement of blockchain technology, many high-quality projects have sprung up. TUB, as the most advanced platform integrating high technologies such as Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, will perfectly combine blockchain technology to create a new value ecosystem and lead the trend of times.


The goal of TUB is to develop the underlying API of the blockchain for the entity enterprise, to achieve application scenario docking, and to open up barriers between digital assets and the real world. As a comprehensive application ecosystem based on blockchain technology, TUB is building a multi-domain value public chain including digital assets, artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things. Through a professional technical team, taking the safety, efficiency, capacity and throughput of the public chain as the entry point, combined with high technology, TUB makes millions of transactions per second possible, improving the development efficiency of digital intelligent commerce, and helping the ecological development of the blockchain industry.

TUB is committed to providing each user with the most valuable digital asset services, while helping to integrate blockchain technology with high technology. The blockchain protocol can authenticate users and ensure the uniqueness and authenticity of their TUBs, as well as verify the authenticity of data generated and submitted by users or developers. TUB will follow the trend and build a blockchain application platform for all walks of life around the world, becoming a super-chain leaped to the century and serving the future “encrypted digital economy society”.

For the development of blockchain industry, TUB’ s ultimate vision is to reshape the value of blockchain. By establishing connections between different blockchain ledger, TUB will integrate blockchain industry resources, create a series of excellent landing projects from various ecological perspectives, and build a universal public chain suitable for all industries and applications. It will enable global blockchain enthusiasts to jointly maintain the value ecology created by TUB. TUB believes that everyone in the world has the right to create, own, manage and use their digital assets. The value of the blockchain combined with high technology is self-evident, and the block makes the data market fairer. Every ecological participant will have unlimited possibilities.

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