Transformer table 3.0 collection of highly innovative multifunctional furniture is receiving a huge response on Kickstarter

Transformer table 3.0 collection of highly innovative multifunctional furniture is receiving a huge response on Kickstarter

October 12
17:55 2019

Transformer Table 3.0 collection is an innovative piece of furniture that is receiving an amazing response on Kickstarter. Claimed to be the world’s best multifunctional furniture, it was launched on Kickstarter with a goal of $37, 538 and at the time of this writing has raised $478,935 in funding with the support of backers worldwide! This table is designed for the space savers, parents, hosts, entrepreneurs, gamers and anyone who loves to have a futuristic piece of furniture in their home or office. The expandable dining room tables are built with an integrated extension feature that allows it to adjust from size 18” to 118”.

The new Transformer Table collection includes 5 signature products; The Transformer Table, Transformer Counter Height, Transformer Bench, Coffee Table – Panel Storage Unit and Transformer Chairs. Apart from functionality, the Transformer furniture is also offered strength and durability, thanks to the use of 100% Hardwood in the construction. It has a telescopic mechanism that enables anyone to easily adjust the table for a number of 2 to 12 people in less than a minute. The Hardwood finish is heat and stain resistant and built to last for years to come. In fact, the table can support up to 750 Lbs and Bench can support 1500 Lbs of weight.

Transformer Table Collection 3.0 is the result of over 2 years of hard work by engineers, carpenters, and designers. It is adjustable and versatile, making it suitable for all kinds of spaces and user needs. Complementing the Transformer Table, the Transformer bench extends all the way from 28 inches to 11 feet and seats up to 6 guests. The Transformer bench allows the users to store all their unused panels within the integrated storage box.T he Transformer table 3.0 collection also features a Coffee Table with an integrated storage box to store all the unused panels of the Transformer Table.

Transformer Table 3.0 Collection can be ordered by supporting its Kickstarter campaign. The backers have the option to order the whole dining set with a Transformer Table, Bench, 6 chairs and Coffee table or order individual products by choosing various rewards. The whole collection is available at early bird prices via the Kickstarter campaign. The rewards will be delivered by January 2020.

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