Creative BioMart Introduces Quality R-PE/APC Conjugated Proteins

January 23 17:44 2020

Scientists in need of immunoassay now have access to Creative BioMart’s wide range of quality R-PE or APC conjugated recombinant proteins which are quite convenient for research assay.

Phycoerythrin (R-Phycoerythrin, R-PE) is a fluorescent protein isolated and purified from red algae. It is a new type of fluorescently labeled dye. Because it has strong fluorescence, good light absorption performance and high quantum yield, it has a wide range of excitation and emission in the visible spectrum region. Marking and in vivo imaging have a wide range of applications.

Allophycocyanin, isolated and purified from Spirulina platensis, can emit strong fluorescence. It has good absorption and high quantum yield, and a wide range of excitation and emission in the visible spectral region. It can be easily combined with biotin, avidin and various monoclonal antibodies to make fluorescent probes by conventional labeling methods, which are used in clinical diagnosis and bioengineering techniques such as immunoassay, fluorescence microscopy and flow cytometric fluorescence assay.

Empowered by years of experience and advanced technology, Creative BioMart is capable of providing global clients with a variety of R-PE or APC conjugated recombinant proteins including but not limited to: TNFRSF17, IL3RA, Sdc1, CD19, MS4A1, CD22, CD226, TNFRSF8, CD33, CD38, Spn, CD55, CD72, CD70, ULBP1, ULBP2, IL1RAP, CEACAM5, MET, EGFR, EPCAM, ERBB2, GPC3, MSLN, KDR, ROR1, ROR2, etc.

“We are so glad for the release of a bunch of novel R-PE/APC Conjugated Proteins products. Hope those newly launched products can help promote your research. Moreover, we could conjugated specific recombinant proteins according to your specific requirements,” commented Linna, the chief marketing staff in Creative BioMart.

More detailed information about those products can be found here:

About Creative BioMart

Starting from a small supplier of proteins and enzymes for academic institutes and biotech companies, Creative BioMart has always been focusing on developing high quality protein products like recombinant proteins, native proteins, GMP proteins, etc. and efficient protein manufacturing services including protein expression, protein labeling, protein interaction etc.

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