Lifeasible Offers Plant Engineering Service for Agricultural Science Section

January 23 17:53 2020
Lifeasible provides a wide range of plant-related services with customized protocols.

As a global company specialized in plant biotechnology and plant molecular biology, Lifeasible provides a wide range of plant-related services with customized protocols. Plant genetic engineering service in Lifeasible helps open up the doors for introducing crops with valuable traits to produce plants that require fewer pesticides, fungicides, or fertilizers, and can be more resistant to stress conditions.

Plant genetic engineering, also known as plant genetic modification or manipulation, allows the direct transfer of one or several genes of interest between closely or distantly related species to obtain desired agronomic traits. In addition to employing genes from other species, plants can be modified by knock-out, knocking-down, or overexpressing their own genes.

With years of experience in crop breeding and state-of-the-art plant molecular biology techniques, Lifeasible is determined to provide a professional and customized one-stop services for plant genetic engineering. The company provides a full suite of services, including gene cloning, vector construction, plasmid transformation and subsequent phenotypic and gene function analysis.

Multiple popular genetic engineering technologies are adopted in Lifeasible to address the genetic modification of plants, including CRISPR/CAS9, CRISPR base editors, transcription activator-like effector nucleases (TALENs), zinc finger nucleases (ZFNs), RNA interference (RNAi), virus-induced gene silencing (VIGS), and gene overexpression.

“With the goal to help global plant scientists and plant breeders conduct scientific research and create plant varieties with desired characteristics such as higher productivity, higher nutritional value as well as enhanced drought resistance, disease resistance or heavy metal contamination, our skilled scientists and experts are devoted to the exploration and optimization of biotechnological methods for plant genetic modification, plant transformation, plant tissue culture, and crop breeding,” said an official speaker from Lifeasible.

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As a biotechnology company, Lifeasible is specialized in agricultural science, offering a wide variety of agro-related services and products for environmental and energy solutions.

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