Daniel Lindahl’s upcoming track “Greatest Love” is about trusting the power and love of God

July 02 15:52 2020

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Daniel Lindahl is a songwriter and a worship pastor who creates music about his love for God. He wants to make music that brings people one step closer to reaching God. He considers himself as a worship artist who likes to experiment with different music genres. With the power of his music, Daniel Lindahl wants to lead worship and inspire people around him.

Daniel Lindahl is all set to release his single “Greatest Love”, scheduled to be put out on July 1, 2020. This song is an expression to have faith in Jesus amid chaos. “Greatest Love” was born out of the artist’s desperation and fear during the challenging time of his life. This song is a reflection of what it really means to trust God and concluding that his love is the greatest love we can know.

Telling about his musical journey so far, Daniel Lindahl says, “When I was a teenager my journey was about getting as big of a platform as possible. The pain in that type of attitude is that authenticity is sacrificed for the sake of making people like you. Now, being a little older I just want to be as honest as possible with my music. I want my songs to reflect my heart and speak to who I believe God is.”

Daniel grew up looking up to musicians at his church while at his home, his mother and uncles were musicians too. This is how he developed a profound interest in music. He expresses all his emotions through music and draws inspiration from his faith in the supreme powers of God.

Daniel believes that despite all the negatives expressed about 2020, there is one positive aspect that is overlooked by everyone- overall musical output is more prolific than ever before. This pandemic has given the artist the freedom to create and distribute their work all over the world with just a few clicks.

Listen to Daniel Lindahl’s music now on this link.

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