Soraya la Hija de Dilcia of Black Lives United launches Go Fund Me campaign to foster Unity through Education

July 13 21:32 2020
Soraya la Hija de Dilcia of Black Lives United launches Go Fund Me campaign to foster Unity through Education
Innovative nonprofit for the Dominican American and African American community, Black Lives United, announces the launch of a fundraising campaign for their “integration through education” initiative

Soraya la Hija de Dilcia founded Black Lives United with the primary goal of creating spaces for dialogue and education to support the repair and contribute to the unity of US residents from across the African diaspora by addressing the anti-blackness and anti-African in the Afro Latin and Afro-Caribbean communities. In a similar vein, the nonprofit recently launched a campaign on Go Fund Me – “Fostering Black and Brown Unity thru education,” with a target of $1,000.

The nonprofit is looking to repair and mend the relationships amongst the African American community and Dominicans in Washington Height as well as other Afro-descendant Americans in the United States. Black Lives United will highlight the systemic division that has continued to segregate communities and the detriment of all BIPOC who are impacted by anti-racism in the United States.

The fundraiser will help Black Lives United to fund the printing of educational materials, compensate speakers and facilitators, and pay for essentials like food and beverage for the audience. The nonprofit hopes to target the elders in the Dominican community who have struggled to access education and discourse to help them build a more comprehensive analysis of their internalized inferiority and bias, and the potential power available to the larger community if unified.

Black Lives United plans to host bilingual bimonthly gatherings in local spaces in New York City and largely Spanish speaking communities, as well as related activities in areas like Washington Heights, Inwood, and Spanish Harlem in New York.

Interested donors can contribute to the laudable cause championed by Black Lives United by visiting Go Fund Me.

About Soraya la Hija de Dilcia

Soraya la Hija de Dilcia is a Black American who grew up in a very anti-black household and community. Her family was the first Black Spanish speaking family in an all-white neighborhood in Jersey City Heights, getting inhumane treatments from white kids and parents.

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