Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd Supplies Modern and High-Tech Fiber Optic Cable Machines To Increase Productivity and Production Efficiency

September 10 03:46 2020
The recently introduced fiber optic cable machines by Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd. have become popular because of their fast manufacturing process, accurate results, and longevity.

Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd’s Fiber optic cable manufacturing machines have been exported across the world. Today, the machines find an unparalleled role in making and designing fiber optic cables. Furthermore, the use of these machines in different industries makes work easier and effective. And irrespective of the applications in which fiber optic cables machines are used, they are here to stay. Their unique properties and technologies have ensured that they will be used in many sectors for many years to come. Hence, these machines have become significantly preferred because they can provide faster and more accurate results, are energy efficient, can perform light and heavy tasks, and are easy to use. Because of the large capacity, these machines can handle, users do not need to install many machines for their different needs. With less cable installation, users can save space in their buildings and industries. “These machines are professionally designed with special features and are manufactured by an experienced team of engineers who integrate all components into the machine. This makes them more functional, more effective and more durable.” said the company representative during one of the interviews. 

Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd Supplies Modern and High-Tech Fiber Optic Cable Machines To Increase Productivity and Production Efficiency

The SZ stranding line machine is one of a kind. This machine is significant and is designed for SZ stranding fibre loose tube. Since its inception, the company has manufactured more than 400 of these machines. This shows how demanding this machine is. It has numerous features such as an operating speed of 100 m / min, manufactured according to European standards, an SZ oscillator table, anti-twisting devices, etc. In addition, the company continues to update and modernize the product to make it more practical and efficient.

Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd has most modern fiber optic cable machines such as a high-speed multi-pass shower cooling secondary coating line. The machine uses two water shower cooling mult pass capstan which not only increased line speed to 600m/min but also shortened the total line length from 36m to 24m. An electrical control system, a blowing dryer, a jelly degassing, and a filling device are the popular and notable features found in this machine. Other features include a cooling trough and chiller, a diameter gauge, take-up dancer, and so on. It’s a machine that is easy to use and handles heavy tasks.

With the recent TCC laser printer, users can make ink-free, and accurate cable markings. It is a machine that saves energy costs, requires less maintenance, can work for a long time and is easily adjustable. The machine is suitable for the cable and tube industry such as nylon, PE, LSZH and PVC etc.

About Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd

Shanghai Weiye tops the list of companies that research and manufacture quality machines since 1998. Its variety of machines is used to manufacture fiber optic cable devices. The list of machines they make includes fiber coloring machine, secondary coating line, SZ stranding line, sheathing line etc. Its market share and machine performance are highly recognized in China and all over the world.

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