“Perspectives: A Book of Poetry” by Multilingual Poet Glade Myler

September 10 16:40 2020

Perspectives is a book of poetry in English, Spanish and Portuguese by Glade Myler. It is a unique anthology of modern poetry that opens one’s eye to new ways of looking at the world around us from the very first page. It is a spellbinding collection that deserves to be read. It offers a new slant on the classic topics that poets of yesteryear have attempted. If one were to sit down with the poet who brought this together, what would he want to say to the world.

The poet himself has indicated through his writings that he wants the book to be a journey for the reader – one which allows all readers to feel free and at peace. He would want them to know they have a companion by their side. He wants the reader to know that when we put a pen to paper and express our thoughts, great things become possible and new perspectives emerge. If only he can inspire just one more writer in this simple way, his time will have been well spent.

To know about the words and origin of the thoughts written on each page, one should know something about the journey the poet himself has made to capture the inspiration in the words on each page. Where has life taken him, and where does he still yearn to go?

If you were to interview the poet he would say that he loves the fact that poetry gives him a chance to reflect on what life means and where it has taken him, especially finding the beauty in the most unexpected places. He would mention that it has always been about this form of free-flowing expression which is evident from the words you read when you open the book. By taking into your worldview different perspectives of the world, one can really learn much more than one would ever think possible. It is the journey, that he hopes to continue wherever it will lead him to inspire him and captivate him.

His works are a unique way to look at the world, but what more can we expect from this intriguing poet?

He acknowledges that he has experienced the seeing and doing of much in his lifetime that sometimes it is hard to wish for more, but is this not what life is all about? He has published other works which show that he has put pen to paper and opened more for the reader to see and take from this wonderful world.

Some of the poems are in Spanish and Portuguese, but followed immediately with the English translation. If the poem is in another language, it came to him in that language first and then he translated it adjusting the English version to create a poem in English also. Esta obra es un libro de poesía de diferentes temas y son para todos con otras perspectivas para el lector. Es un nueva manera de experimentar las maravillas de este mundo.

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