IntegrateRNA miRNA Services: Powerful Support for miRNA Basic Research, Biomarker Discovery and Preclinical Trials

September 11 17:28 2020
IntegrateRNA announced the release of miRNA services ranging from miRNA discovery, confirmation, functional analysis, target validation, mechanism analysis to in vivo experiment.

New York, USA – September 11, 2020 – IntegrateRNA, the division of Creative Biogene, is dedicated to offering unique technologies and satisfactory services for RNA discovery, expression analysis, functional research and mechanism analysis, etc. Recently it announced the release of miRNA services ranging from miRNA discovery, confirmation, functional analysis, target validation, mechanism analysis to in vivo experiment.

IntegrateRNA provides world-class microRNA services to accelerate RNA research. A group of well-trained and experienced subject matter experts provides strong support for accurate and sensitive miRNA analysis. IntegrateRNA provides a complete miRNA expression profile analysis or targeted quantification/target verification solution. And based on advanced technology and a complete platform, it can ensure a high success rate, frequent customer communication, and a fast and reliable schedule.

IntegrateRNA uses the most powerful microarray platform to provide customers with the best miRNA expression profile analysis services. These services are continuously verified, tested, and updated through microRNA detection, array scanning, data extraction, and complete data analysis. The miRNA microarray service provided by IntegrateRNA comprehensively covers all mature miRNA sequences in miRBase V21.0. In addition, the analysis file contains the host gene ID, predicted and verified miRNA target genes, and clustered miRNA information to easily correlate miRNA results. It also supports the processing of various research and clinical sample types: including tissue, cell, FFPE, urine, blood, plasma, and exosomal samples. IntegrateRNA is confident to provide the most affordable and high-quality customized miRNA microarray service in a short time.

IntegrateRNA’s experts strictly abide by the high-quality standards used in RNA research and provide a full range of miRNA fluorescence in situ hybridization (miRNA FISH) services. IntegrateRNA utilizes fluorescent pre-labeled short oligonucleotides (approximately 20 nucleotides in length) to detect the miRNA specifically bound to the probe, thereby minimizing the impact of false positive results and ensuring the authenticity of the results.

Meanwhile, based on a powerful platform and advanced technology, IntegrateRNA provides miRNA pull-down assay services to help reveal the mechanism of interaction between mRNA and miRNA.

“IntegrateRNA has conducted many years of experiments in RNA research and is committed to providing a wide range of RNA products and services for academic research, biotechnology research and drug discovery,” said Marcia Brady, the marketing director of Creative Biogene. “We guarantee to provide customers with the most reliable and efficient research services, with faster turnaround time, lower prices and more comprehensive data analysis to best match your research goals.”

About IntegrateRNA

IntegrateRNA, as the division of Creative Biogene that holds a leading position in providing complete solutions for RNA research, has years of experience in next-generation sequencing and develops microarray platforms that enable researchers to explore the world of RNA on an unprecedented scale, and mapping all RNAs involved in cell life programs, human diseases, and drug discovery.

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