Centro Scampoli Srl Sharing Tips On How To Discover The Best Duvet For Bed

September 14 04:40 2020
Centro Scampoli Srl Sharing Tips On How To Discover The Best Duvet For Bed

We are now at the gates of the winter season and we are starting to air our duvets.

But are the duvets / duvets for beds we have in the closet really what we need? Or, if we are looking for a new goose down quilt, is the one that struck us actually right? In this article we will try to give you some advice on the world of duvets.

In this article we discover how to choose the right carpet to be placed in the living room, in front of or under the sofa, to arouse the admiration of guests, make the atmosphere intimate and the floor warm and more beautiful.

Duvet and Feathers: here are the differences

Let’s start by defining some basic terminologies of the quilt padding. The feather represents the stiff and coarse plumage of the wing and tail, not recommended for stuffing the duvet because it is rigid.

The feather is the featherless plumage while the feather is made up of small feathers complete with calamus and very soft, suitable to be mixed with the down. The duvet is the very light bow coming from the undercoat of the goose, formed by a central body and countless, very soft beards that give the padded garment, for example, volume and lightness. The duvet is great for stuffing blankets for bedrooms.

How to choose the best duvet: what you need to know!

Filling percentages: A quality duvet must have at least 90% down and 10% feathers. 100% duvet is obviously the best duvet.

Weight: the weight of the piumone matrimoniale determines its quality. If the duvet used is of high quality, you will need a smaller amount to have the same warmth. Conversely, if the duvet used is of low quality or if it is combined with feathers, the quantity used to have the same warmth will be greater.

Even the best duvet for winter can be ruined following incorrect product maintenance. For this reason, we suggest you pay attention to our advice to always have a perfect and long-lasting piumino d’oca.

First, remember to regularly air the comforter. Avoid exposing your duvet in places particularly exposed to smog (eg a balcony on a street) or to the sun; in general, the best time for this type of activity is early in the morning, when the sun is still light and the air is clean.

If you are wondering how to wash the duvet, you are in the right place. First of all you must know that the washing of the duvet is recommended every four years and can be done both in the laundry and at home.

If you want to wash your piumino anallergico at home, you will need to set the washing machine program for synthetic fibers or cotton. The important thing is not to expose the duvet to direct sun while drying: even the radiator is prohibited!

During the change of season, store the duvet in its original packaging that will protect it until the next use.


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