Amazon Launches Immersive AR Shopping tool and WIMI Launches SDK for Hologram AR Advertising

September 15 13:01 2020

Hong Kong – MobiusTrend, a market research organization in Hong Kong, recently released a research report on ‘Amazon Launches Immersive AR Shopping tool and WIMI Launches SDK for Hologram AR Advertising‘. Amazon recently launched Room Decorator, an AR (augmented reality) shopping tool. Through this tool, users can see the effect of a complete set of household items placed in the room. Previously, Amazon had launched AR View, an AR shopping tool in 2017, but only supported seeing the renderings of individual household items in a room. Compared to AR View, the Room Decorator, launched this time, can support the placement of multiple merchant artifacts at the same time, allowing users to see a full set of renderings of a new product. When the user is not in the room, the Room Decorator can also realize this function by reading a photo of the room.

This feature applies to thousands of furniture products on Amazon, including those products offered by Amazon and some third-party sellers. When consumers stumble upon one of the items, they click the “View from your room” button to start using it. The button will appear under eligible furniture products in the Amazon shopping app on iOS and the desktop web browser.

In the AR experience, consumers will see suggestions that are complementary to the product they are viewing for the first time. When shoppers browse these suggestions, they can add other products to the same room and rearrange them to get a better look. According to Amazon, the products in the AR view can be displayed both in proportion and in high definition, so there will be no confusion about the appearance of the product in real life. If customers are not ready to make a decision, they can click “Save room” on iOS and save a snapshot of the room in a new section (“Your Room”) under their Amazon account. They also receive a link via email to save the room for easy access.

Video has increasingly become one of the mainstream forms of expression in the current society. In the process of dissemination, video content is deeply driven by the power of science and technology. The genes of technology are generally embedded in content creation and operation through various forms, including those with marketing attributes, such as AR advertising.

At the same time, AR advertisements connect users’ curiosity, sense of presence, and desire to buy. Meanwhile, it overlays the AR filters with advertiser content onto the real environment. Consumers can form the linkage between the virtual and real-world, such as record short videos, and take photos. However, AR advertising is favored by advertisers because of its strong interaction and interest. At the same time, this novel form of advertising can not only improve the user experience of social media, but also enhance the user’s understanding of the brand.

WIMI’s hologram AR advertising platform will overturn the spread and effects of the current traditional advertising. Customers can directly watch the holographic stereoscopic advertisement and have an immersive feeling. In addition, WIMI AI-MBT technology is used to track and analyze various data of customers, so as to provide effective data support for advertisers and brands. Moreover, there are some current application fields: holographic indoor advertising, holographic outdoor advertising, high-altitude holographic advertising, holographic airport/subway advertising, holographic in-store (outside) display of well-known brands, and holographic event advertising display.

WIMI’s AI-MBtWIMI, a high-performance WIMI holographic cloud management platform developed by the company, is mainly used to provide AR3D applications for enterprises, groups, organizations, or individuals with three service systems: AR3D application & holographic entertainment, AR3D application & holographic advertising, and AR3D application & holographic technology services. According to different application scenarios, the cloud platform is divided into To BTo C. There are some differences in support of functions and features. To B mainly provides holographic virtual content and technical support services for advertising, cinema, home improvement, catering, entertainment, and other companies. To C mainly provides WIMI holographic Cloud AI-MBTNSDK and its plug-ins for mobile photography and APP applications to provide various personal value-added services. In the future, it can also be used in AR/ virtual reality/smart glasses, and DLP (digital optical processing) cast to the retina. It has SDK plug-ins and intelligent billing system.

WIMI opens its API interface to premium customers. Through the API interface, the media platform can develop a series of customized system functions, including automated management of advertising resources, advertising resource analysis and internal system integration, customized special functions, and a single platform to manage multiple accounts. Media platforms can display their advertising space resources in front of advertisers in an all-round way.

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