MecKiss Iris Oil, Clean and Nourish Skin in One Step

September 15 23:20 2020

The love for attractiveness is native to humans. Makeup has become the pursuit of beauty for contemporary women. Although they don’t need to wear a heavy makeup every day, light makeup is the daily for most women. Of course, removing has also become an essential step. Most of the make-up removal products on the market are divided into four categories: makeup remover, makeup removing lotion, makeup removal cream, cleansing oil. The cleaning capacity increases in sequence. So the skin irritation is also increasing. In order to meet the needs of high cleaning capacity and low skin irritation of make-up workers, MecKiss has developed a three-layer cleansing oil with plant nourishing ingredients. It not only reduces skin irritation, but also replenishes and reserves water in skin. Meanwhile, it greatly solves real teaser of removing the whole face of a bottle of makeup remover.

Why is it difficult to remove the makeup of the whole face? The whole face needs to be removed completely by makeup removers. People need to use cleansing oil with high cleaning capacity to remove the eye and lip cosmetics, like eye line, eye shadow, mascara. Except the eye and lip cosmetics, you can use the mild cleansing water or other products for other part of face. Due to a variety of natural plant ingredients, MecKiss Iris Oil ensures high cleaning power, also achieves refreshing and nourishing skin. It gives consumers a chance to clean easily in one step every day.

Meckiss is a niche skin care brand from the UK. It adheres to the concept of “composition” and makes sure to add natural plant ingredients which are biodegradable. Product packaging also tends to be environmental-friendly and reusable materials. From top to bottom, Each layer of MecKiss Iris Oil has its own unique role. The first yellow cleaning layer. The second orange moisturizing layer. The third pink nutrition layer. When using, you could shake well to mix the liquids together briefly. The cleansing oil refreshes and removes makeup with a light texture and provides you a  invisible skin care.


Elegant, noble, fashionable are symbols of UK skin care brand Meckiss. From design to research and development, it is used for the needs of various skin types. Meckiss chooses ingredients strictly with unique extraction technology for each woman. For your noble skincare experience and be your own queen.

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