Delifeel organic skin care, maintaining the original skin with original ingredients

September 15 23:50 2020

Delifeel is a skin care brand from Japan, and its products include facial cream, toner, eye cream, makeup remover and so on. Delifeel brand is widely praised in Japan, and it has obvious Japanese characteristics, which makes skin care to the extreme.

In recent years, the concept of organic skin care has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts, that is, in addition to the plant ingredients contained in skin care products, artificial flavors, pigments and petrochemical products can not be added. Because of its advantages of environmental protection, safety and health, its market share in skin care products is increasing year by year.

Delifeel is the best in organic skin care products, which has strict requirements on the growth environment of the raw materials involved, except that it does not add harmful ingredients to the skin. Each product contains a variety of natural animal and plant ingredients. Plants involved in plant components are organically cultivated. Delifeel also selected high-quality grapes from Nagano Prefecture, Japan, and originally created the organic cultivation raw material-grape peel extract. After test and evaluation, the grape peel extract has stronger antioxidant activity than other cosmetic raw materials.

These plants are organically planted in the original ecological soil that has not been polluted by pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and grow in the most natural way. In the growth process, synthetic compounds, chemical fertilizers and transgenic technologies are never used, which ensures the safety of products and the affinity with skin to the greatest extent. Even the sturgeon contained in the product, such as the sturgeon caviar extract, has been cultivated in Russia’s Caspian Sea and other specific areas for more than 15 years, thus greatly avoiding marine pollution.

The purpose of skin care is to protect skin health. Now that there is a skin care brand with strict research and development and excellent concept like Delifeel, how can it not be moved?

About Delifeel

Delifeel, a skin care brand with excellent reputation in Japan, adheres to the concept of “organic skin care”, and promotes the original self-healing ability of human beings through the original efficacy of plants, so as to cooperate with skin problems. The raw materials of the products are from Nagano Prefecture, Japan to Caspian Sea, Russia, only to collect the best natural ingredients and maintain skin health.

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