Kuntai Machinery Newly Introduced Various Laminating And Cutting Machines To Help Clients To Increase Productivity And Efficiency

September 16 19:45 2020
Kuntai Machinery is proud to announce the introduction of high-end laminating and cutting machines, which are valued for their efficiency, serviceability, and low running costs.

The modern lamination and cutting machines from Kuntai Machinery are more prevalent in industrial markets these days because of the efficiency, ease of operation, durability, longevity, suitability, flexibility, and less maintenance cost. These machines are automatically operated via programmed software. They enable faster precision performance. In addition, they are easy to use and reduce the risk of human error. Because of their accuracy level, precision and efficiency, these machines are most sought devices in footwear industries, packaging companies, textiles and garments industries, and medical products industries. They provide many benefits, features, and flexibility over other conventional machines, making them the best option for clients. They are made accessible in various specifications and dimensions. The spokesperson of the company said that their reputable engineers could also do the customization of these machines. Therefore, clients can go ahead and order their preferred machines, given all the advantages and features of these machines. 

Kuntai Machinery Newly Introduced Various Laminating And Cutting Machines    To Help Clients To Increase Productivity And Efficiency

Hot melt glue laminating machine is used for laminating processes in many applications. They come with hot melt glue to help laminate two layers of materials like fabrics, leather, film, non-woven, and EVA. They are equipped with a programmable PLC design system and a computer interface control, smooth operation, and a circulating heating system. These machines are useful in the automotive, clothing, footwear, and healthcare industries. These machines are designed with different specifications and can be purchased with the specifications available on the market or with customer-specific requirements. Before buying these machines, users need to understand the basics of the requirements.

The Fabric laminating machine has always been known for its excellent performance and reliability. Here’s a brief overview of the machine, which upholds its manufacturer’s commitment to offering higher productivity and efficiency. With exceptional ergonomics and aesthetics, it provides robust features that decrease machine stops, smart feeders that make machine feed high, and an intelligent control system that ensures faster production. This machine is used in different applications like fabric industries, textile, and footwear industries. It delivers faster results because it has a working speed of 10 to 50 m / min and 45 kW output.

Kuntai Machinery is, without doubt, one of the trusted names in the business. It’s globally known for high-quality manufacturing machines like the new Fabric film laminating machine. This machine is ideal for many industries, such as textiles and garments, footwear, and leather. It is globally known for producing high-temperature resistant and durable products. The machine can be fitted to replace previously manually operate machines. This is because it offers a selection of features that can significantly improve the productivity of the machine and the quality of the produced work.

About Kuntai Machinery

Kuntai Machinery is a China-based, global leader manufacturing high-quality cutting and laminating machines. The company employs around 15,000 highly qualified engineers who make premium machines. Innovation and world-renowned customer service have led the company to expand from its Chinese roots to now serve markets across the world. 

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