WIMI Contributes to the Intelligent Upgrade of the Traditional Exhibition Hall with 5G + Hologram AR Tech

September 17 16:03 2020

Hong Kong – Nowadays, market competition in all walks of life is fierce. For companies, building exhibition halls has become one of the main display ways. With the rapid development of the exhibition industry, the way of the exhibition has also undergone tremendous changes. The advancement of modern technology has greatly expanded the display methods, especially the digital multimedia exhibition hall, which is quickly recognized by the market. The traditional exhibition hall is gradually eliminated by the market. What advantages does the multimedia digital exhibition hall have over the traditional exhibition hall?

The display of the traditional exhibition hall is generally static, which is a way of presenting the display content to the audience in static forms such as text images and pictures through design. Although this way is simple and intuitive, it will be dull, while the digital exhibition hall is designed to convert static display to dynamic display, incorporate interactive technology, increase the information interaction among visitors. This kind of display form is novel, interesting, and efficient, more importantly, is popular with the masses.

The design style of the traditional exhibition hall is relatively simple. The colors are mostly solid colors with few decorations, and some special lighting effects will be added. As for the digital exhibition hall, it will make an overall plan for the exhibition hall according to the content of the display, integrating high-end technology and exhibition hall design from the color scheme and lighting application, which can not only improve the visual sense of the exhibition hall, but also make a more detailed interpretation of the information.

Exhibition equipment is also one of the biggest differences between the traditional exhibition hall and the multimedia exhibition hall. The traditional hall does not incorporate multimedia technology, is usually presented through panel light boxes, which is very simple and unable to create more space. However, the multimedia digital exhibition hall is a comprehensive display platform that integrates a variety of multimedia devices, including a series of equipment such as the digital sand table, the arc curtain/annulus, electronic books, and holographic projection lamps, giving visitors a new sensory experience and allowing visitors to have a sense of immersion.

Holographic projection technology is a high-tech technology that has become popular in recent years. Holographic stereoscopic projection is realized through the principle of the polarization of light, that is, two projectors are used to simultaneously project images, and the polarization direction of the polarizing film in front of two projectors is perpendicular to each other, so that the polarization direction of the two beams of polarized light is also perpendicular to each other. When the polarized light is projected on the special projection screen and reflected to the position of the audience, the direction of the polarized light must remain unchanged. The audience can only see the corresponding polarized light image through the polarized glasses, which generates a stereoscopic sensation in the visual nervous system. This new interactive display technology integrates decoration and practicability into one. It is completely transparent when there is no image, giving users a new interactive experience. It has become one of the most fashionable means of product display and marketing today. Nowadays, people use holographic projection technology to show the integration of culture and technology.

WIMI’s digital exhibition hall is also called the multimedia digital exhibition hall, which uses a variety of multimedia and digital technology (holographic technology), combined with the latest film and television animation technology. It attracts audiences with a variety of novel technology and uses multimedia and digital technology as the display technology. Meanwhile, it includes the digital sand table, interactive projection, digital cinema, 3D promotional film, and so on, which makes the overall atmosphere of the exhibition hall more technological and gives the audience a shocking visual experience.

Due to the continuous development of multimedia technology, the 360° holographic projection technology has become the “new darling” in the digital exhibition hall, especially in exhibition halls such as corporate exhibition halls, science and technology exhibition halls, and history museums. The 360° holographic projection is a virtual imaging technology that combines virtual and real. In the exhibition hall, this rendering method can not only form a three-dimensional aerial phantom, but also enable the phantom to interact with the performer and complete the performance together, which has an impressive performance effect.

The digital application of WIMI has been extended to all walks of life in the digital exhibition hall, including holographic shopping experience, holographic live broadcasting, holographic conference, holographic government various thematic exhibition halls, holographic online holographic exhibition application, and holographic IP business exhibition. For example, the digital exhibition hall of the memorial hall, which combines various interactive multimedia exhibition items with the theme and high-tech audio-optoelectronic display means, leaving a more direct impression on visitors. The digital exhibition hall of science and technology museum reproduces the history, characters, and objects of the past, allowing visitors to experience an intriguing journey of technology and culture as if going back in time. The digital exhibition hall of enterprise pavilion integrates enterprise culture into digital multimedia exhibition items and digital content exhibition, creating an interactive digital exhibition hall of enterprise pavilion with distinct enterprise personality.

Advantages of holographic projection

1. Clear interface

The unique virtual imaging method of holographic projection is more visualized and clearer on the presentation interface, which enables people to see the virtual interface without wearing 3D glasses. Moreover, the projected interface has high quality and vivid colors, which is shocking.

2. Strong visual effect

This continuous interface can bring people many strong senses, including the advanced visual sense, three-dimensional sense, sense of space, sense of perspective, which can immerse people in the virtual impression, and can feel the joy of projection.

3. Rich themes

The software of the holographic projection system can freely change and adjust the interface of the content that needs to be presented. It is suitable to reflect a variety of themes and has a relatively wide range of applications, which is not limited to the occasion.

4. Strong sense of science and technology

The holographic imaging technology is fashionable in the appearance of the product, and the product display is full of the sense of technology. In the performance, the virtual combination of real people and nothingness to perform together, giving everyone unprecedented performance.

With the rapid development of information technology, digital demands from all walks of life are put forward. At the same time, the exhibition hall construction put forward higher requirements due to digital development. Digital exhibition halls are based on digitalization, combined with big data display, 3D virtual technology to form the digital panoramic sand table, the VR virtual reality, and the AR augmented reality technology. Meanwhile, they allow visitors to experience a clear, intuitive, and shocking audio-visual and interactive experience. Therefore, the display content has become the key core of the digital exhibition hall.

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