Hohem’s New Version Gimbal: iSteady X Makes Creativity Unlimited

September 18 01:56 2020

Hohem released a new version of gimbal stabilizer for smartphone with a surprising pricing this May 22, attracting many attention from photography enthusiasts and vloggers. The newest generation is named iSteady X and viewed as one of the cheapest high-quality gimbals on the market since it appears. It has won many praise from professional users.

The iSteady X performs perfectly and it can easily compare with other Smartphone gimbals that are twice the price. The price of iSteady X is only $69.99 after a promotion coupon on TikTech now. The price is very affordable but it is enable to give users lovely smooth shots with their smartphones and get rid of any camera shake just like those expensive gimbal items.

HoHem is committed to the development of gimbal and gopro for years, and has been popular in the gimbal stabilizer market. The new version has some breakthroughs in technology. Let’s see.

First of all, as a foldable 3-axis pocket handheld gimbal stabilizer, iSteady X marrying compact design with powerful 3.0 algorithm, which is the ultimate choice to be an everyday carry gear. The folded dimensions are 179 mm x 79 mm x 39 mm, which is very portable and small to carry anywhere.

The iSteady X is viewed as the world’s lightest 3-axis palm smartphone gimbal, is as light as a mobile phone based on its size design and weight of only 259G. The weight of iSteady X is similar to an iPhone 11 pro max. The device is Hohem’s smallest and lightest 3-axis gimbal stabilizer.

What’s more, the gimbal has a very strong and wide compatibility. It can meet the most of mobile digital devices including most iPhone and android phones in the market, and achieve a quick connection.

And also, the upgraded motor and the all-new 3-axis iSteady 3.0 algorithm allow the device to eliminate shakes. The technology helps photographers and vloggers to easily shot perfect pictures and videos, with no worry about shaking and blurring while running.

Meanwhile, featured with the Hohem exclusive technology 3.0 automatic upside-down detection and advanced auto-rotation technology, extreme low angle shot can be also taken but not lying on the floor.

The lovely gimbal comes with a Hohem Pro App that can break boundaries for easier recording. With its built-in cinematic templates, the device can lead the phone camera to move, and users can view and make videos in the app with clips and automatically collected cinematic films.

To sum up, the creativity of users will be no longer limited by any terrible conditions! So do not hesitate to buy on TikTech, the reliable online shop is offering a big sale for Hohem’s products. Take a iSteady X and catch beautiful memories in the party.

Hohem iSteady X Sale on TikTech: https://www.tiktech.com/products/4610/hohem-isteady-x-3-axis-gimbal-stabilizer-for-smartphone

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