What started off as entertainment for yoga classes at Studio E in the 90s, has evolved into Yoga Benefit Concerts

September 18 15:20 2020
Yoga Concerts was founded by Bruce Boyd, a seasoned yoga instructor of 24 years! His mission is to create more UNITY in the world. “Music and yoga are common threads for healing and transformation, therefore let’s unite them for an unforgettable and productive Experience!”

The mission of Yoga Benefit Concerts (YBC) is to promote Unity, Diversity, and Transformation through Healing Sounds and Music. We genuinely believe that by providing a safe social environment with great energy and inspiring messages, are needs and wants to give people something to look forward to. Right now, more than ever, the timing is perfect to offer healthy movements, connections, music, encouragement, and inspiration. Thus, a winning combination of entertainment and therapy.

The first YBC exceeded our expectations, we knew we were on to something. It just seamlessly came together and was evident that it is meant to be. With that success we decided to have a monthly YBC. Each month there will be a new theme for a cause, a charity, and a shot (healthy 2 oz tonic). Right before the class starts, we toast to the worthy cause. When I open Studio E in 1998, we would bring in percussionist (s) and utilize sounds such as crystal bowls and rain sticks and have an incredible yoga class. The vibe was unparallel, and I notice the joy and peace the participants experienced.

As time moved forward and Studio E no longer existed, I continued to teach yoga. One thing I held on to was doing Yoga Concerts, which motivated me to secure the domain yogaconcerts.com. Over the years I continued my passion for teaching and hosted some small yoga concerts. Even with the addition of DJs with a percussionist, still, something was missing. Knowing that this is bigger than me, I had and aha moment that I needed a “message”. The first YBC theme was “Love Black” and the message was black absorbs all colors. As a result, I saw the need to promote Unity and Diversity. The charity selected was the Equal Justice Initiative. We initiated the class by getting everyone to go into their heart. We alternated 3 instructors including myself, with different backgrounds and teaching styles. While teaching we continually inspired deep breaths and staying in the moment, the foundation of yoga. The music featured a Percussionist, DJ, and Violinist, and I added sound bowls to the mix.

There were 9 sponsors/partners who had tables in the back with products and services on display. Eight participants, that included one of the sponsors came from Oklahoma City and one from Atlanta. The shot was an Immune Booster. As mentioned earlier we had a surprising turnout.

The goal was to have 50 to keep a 10-foot spacing however after 67 showed up we adapted and narrowed the spacing to 8 feet. Nevertheless, everyone had a satisfying smile on their faces! The upcoming YBC theme is “You Are A Masterpiece” promoting mental, physical, spiritual, emotional health. The charity is the Brain Behavior Research Foundation. Our musicians will feature a different Percussionist and Violinist from the last YBC, and we are adding a keyboardist, I will be back with the Crystal Bowls and adding a rain stick. Again, our partners will feature their awesome products and services. And we are expecting partners and participants traveling to join us. Everyone is looking forward to the Zen Blue Green Algae B-12 shot.

The YBC is in a category all its own! Surly there has been yoga events with live music, however never in my experience has there been a monthly contingency with the intention to entertain, unite, move, inspire, and transform people with a Holistic cause where everyone involved leaves better than when they came in the door!

For more Information go to: www.yogaconcerts.com

Address: 1008 Quaker St. Dallas Tx 75207

Contact: Bruce Boyd [email protected] 214-402-3539

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