Exceptional Integration of Expertise in IP, Entertainment, and eCommerce Law

September 18 20:08 2020

Bangalore, India – The pandemic has spawned an era of digital businesses not considered possible earlier. These businesses are moving several aspects of life from education and entertainment to health and culture from offline to online. The move poses unique questions, one of which relates to law, regulation and compliance. Addressing legal issues faced by digital businesses requires inter-disciplinary expertise in law, business and technology. Such expertise is however not very common among traditional lawyers and firms.

Very few lawyers are able to merge different areas of law to answer complex questions posed by today’s digital businesses. The issues become even more difficult when novel technology and business models are added to the equation. Only technology and business focused lawyers with a multi-dimensional understanding and expertise are able to help digital businesses achieve their goals by providing strategic inputs and advice to help them succeed.

One firm that has a team of experts having technology, business and legal expertise and experience is BananaIP Counsels. With more than 16 years of experience in providing services that combine intellectual property, law, technology and business for clients from different sectors, the firm is uniquely placed to provide high value legal services for businesses. Being one of the first firms to offer  highly specialized entertainment law, technology law, eCommerce law and open source law services  with a merger of its unparalleled  specialization in patent, copyright, trademark and industrial design law, the firm has accumulated a wide variety of clients from different sectors ranging from education and entertainment to transport and sports.

In the context of BananaIP’s work with digital businesses, Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala, Managing Partner of BananaIP, says, “I believe we are among the few firms that have the background and experience of working with different types of digital and electronic businesses and helping them succeed. These businesses require inputs from various perspectives ranging from IP and technology law to privacy, data protection and eCommerce law, and we have such expertise. We are in fact among the few firms that has strong patent, copyright and trademark divisions as well as strong technology, privacy, eCommerce and entertainment law groups.”

Mr. Sanjeeth Hegde, Senior Partner at BananaIP, who heads the entertainment law division points out that the success of their clients speaks for their work. “We work with OTT platforms, entertainment companies, popular mobile apps, inventory and marketplace eCommerce entities, AI and ML driven applications, fantasy sports portals, ride hiring and sharing service providers, and many more. Our experience and knowledge are well rounded and we provide the comfort that many other lawyers cannot provide to digital businesses. Our customer friendly and integrated models allow our clients to spend effectively and grow rapidly,” adds Mr. Hegde.

Because of its exceptional background and expertise, Mr. Hegde states that his division has witnessed significant growth of work from digital businesses during the pandemic. As the world changes, inter-disciplinary and integrated approach like that of BananaIP Counsels may prove to be essential for lawyers to survive and succeed. Digital businesses are here to stay, and lawyers will have to adapt to their diverse needs if they wish to work with them.

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