Amazon Sixth Anniversary of Rico Max, Good Friends of Treasure Hunters

September 18 21:03 2020

RM RICOMAX, as one of the most popular sellers of Amazon’s outdoor exploration tools, is widely high-recommended by customers for its high quality, durability and considerate customer service. At present, with the accumulated technical experience and the optimization of the product, the brand has launched a latest professional metal detector product on Amazon, the GC-1037 metal detector.

The metal detectors are expected to be able to search for coins, relics, and gold, which have a variety of responsiveness to the device. Meanwhile, for metal hunters, especially for amateurs or beginners, buying a single-purpose metal detector is not a good choice, it does not bring you the fun of treasure hunting. At the same time, Whether for hobbies or professional purposes, the tools needed by metal hunters not only need to meet basic detection and positioning requirements, but also should be lightweight, multifunctional and easy to use. So the market requires a portable metal detector that do not require customers to repeatedly evaluate whether the investment in equipment is worthwhile or repeatedly modify to meet customer needs will be the future target of the metal detector market.

The GC-1037 Metal Detector is the response of RM RICOMAX to this demand. It has become the most popular detector of this company and also one of the best values among this kind of product in the market.

GC-1037 metal detector is designed to find metal in any terrain, at multiple depths, even underwater. Equipped with an 8′ search coil shielded with plastic, and the aluminum-made shaft that the coil connected to, which greatly decreases interference from magnetic and/or mineralized soils. This metal detector can be easily cleaned and save. While a 20% bigger LCD display screen which is more convenient for your operation. Nine brightness adjustment settings of this metal detector make you could use it in a different type of situations..

GC-1037 metal detector has a dimension of 48 x 10 x 10 inches, and weighs 2.31 pounds. Besides, it has a 3.5mm headset jack that can be used with conventional headsets. It’s such a unit one can utilize with maximum comfort and freedom.It combines professionalism and multi-functioning. It has three distinct modes that make you can optimize from in detecting metals. With the GC-1037, you’ll find even the smallest metal nuggets you might miss with other detectors. It finds nuggets that are up to 20 percent deeper than previous RM RICOMAX detectors. The payoff is worth it for this pulse induction machine.

At the same time, RM RICOMAX considers the needs of more customers, and also develops various products for other different audiences, and digs deeply into the product line of metal detectors to meet the needs of every customer. We also designed children’s metal detectors, handheld metal detector pinpointers and metal detectors for amateurs and masters.

GC-1003, a metal detector specially designed for children, allows children to stay away from video games to embrace nature. Discover more fun for treasure hunting at the beach or in the garden.

It measures only 5 x 7 x 29 inches and weighs 1.5 pounds. Its lively colors, playful appearance, and simple and clear LCD instructions are also very specially designed for children to operate. With its waterproof coil, whether it is by the sea or in the mountains, it can bring you and your children the best treasure hunting experience.

It is RICOMAX’s vision to take the development of high-tech manufacturing, high-quality and high-value-added products as the brand’s strategic positioning. It RICOMAX’s persistence to commit to high-quality products and continuous improvement of customer services.

There are more metal detectors with different price points and different functions in the RICOMAX store waiting for you to discover.

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