“I Will Not Be A Pawn” New Book by Joseph Spicer Sr. – A Story of Courage in Unexpected Places

September 18 21:32 2020

I Will Not Be A Pawn by Joseph Spicer Sr is a breathtaking memoir that shines a light on what it truly means to stand tall in the line of duty. A former corrections officer with years in the field, Spicer knows a thing or two about the inner workings of the prison system and the darker side of it that is all too often hidden from view.

To learn more about this extraordinary chapter of his life we sat down with the author to ask why this book, and why now?

“I’ve always believed that telling the truth and doing your job are two things that define who you are as a man. For me, as a young man thrust into the complex hierarchies of the corrections system, it would have been all too easy to become just another pawn on the board. I would have been moved this way and that by whoever had the strongest hand, and I could have easily walked that path, believe me. But what I really wanted to be able to do was to look at myself in the mirror with pride when I got home every night. That’s what defines my character, and I’ve always believed that if you don’t have character, you really don’t have anything to show for yourself.”

Interesting, so who made you come now and put pen to paper?

“There never is an ideal time for these types of projects, especially when the chances are that you’re going to rock the boat so to speak. But for me, I’d retired, moved onto a new chapter of my life, and I wanted to reflect on the journey that life had taken me on to this point. What better way to organize my thoughts than to get them down on paper and share them with the world?”

What better way indeed; so now the story is out there, what do you hope to achieve as a result of it going into print?

“I’m just trying to share a real picture of what it is like behind bars, and to show people that what they see on TV and in movies isn’t really the real world. It’s glamorized and sanitized, but the real world is dark, gritty and there’s corruption and danger round every corner. I felt like a lamb to the slaughter at times, and it was the way the system was stacked in favor of a small group of individuals that made it that way. I hope in some small way that by shining a light on what goes on I can really help to change things. I guess time will be ultimately what tells with that one.

“I would like this book to be available to all K-8 thru K-12 schools throughout the country, for all different ethnicities to be able to read, as well as, the college level. This book is a gift from the writer to educators, mentors, parents and youth ministers in order to engage communities and the youths.”

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