Dharamik: Extraordinary Journey of a young entrepreneur and a rising brand in financial markets of the country

September 21 13:19 2020
Dharamik: Extraordinary Journey of a young entrepreneur and a rising brand in financial markets of the country

A problem and an out-of-the-box idea implemented correctly to solve it can change lives and benefit the masses. Dharamik is the perfect example of this thought. The firm which deals in stock market analysis was founded based on a one-of-its-kind idea, which was to provide financial stability to intraday traders in the stock market, by providing them most accurate analysis of the stock market along with investment guidance and support.

Dharamik has been founded by a Gujarat based young entrepreneur Mr. Dharamik Patel. His journey to become a successful entrepreneur is equally interesting. He wasn’t much interested in studies from schooling days itself. He developed an interest in the stock markets when for the first time when he was in the 10th standard. But as a young boy it was more about earning some profits than actually understanding the functionality of markets in-depth.

But as he grew his interest turned into a passion. He studied and researched thoroughly and kept taking calculated risks by investing small amounts in stock-markets. His studies and practical knowledge and experience in investing led to strategy development for trading and investment.

The social media has a big credit to Dharamik’s success. He was posting his market-analysis as feeds on Instagram which soon led to a huge number of followers. People started messaging to get advice on investment; in return, he would charge a very small percentage in profit sharing. Then he launched the membership plan for traders, this was the idea that really clicked to his success.

Dharamik now has more than 1,26,000 followers on Instagram and more than 2300 active members, along with handling accounts of many successful business houses in Gujarat.

Dharamik’s success story is a classic example of believing in your choices, making decisions and working relentlessly towards proving them correct. He started as a small-time investor and made himself a brand that is replica of uniqueness and success.

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