Personal Money Management: Methods for Self-Improvement By Thomas Hurley

September 21 11:55 2020

Personal Money Management is a new book for anyone who wants to begin taking control of their financial life. From budgeting and your own net worth statement to the intricacies of the financial marketplace, Thomas Hurley identifies the basics you need to manage your money.

Basic financial planning is something that isn’t taught in schools. In a world where debt is the norm, this can be devastating. For example, when was the last time you did a complete and formal household budget? Tom’s book offers readers the learning needed to empower themselves by using basic financial tools that can be applied to all aspects of their lives.  

Personal Money Management: Methods for Self-Improvement covers a wide range of financial topics you may need to take control of your finances: credit; budgeting; insurance; mutual funds, annuities and mortgages; stock exchanges; commodities; day trading; looking for agents; and how to invest. And whether it’s calculating your deb-to-income ratio or investing in futures, Thomas lays everything out for you in a simple and matter of fact way. Operating in ignorance is never a good choice. There are better ways, better tools and better people to help you with your finances when you most need them. It just makes sense to prepare for such times in advance.

Tom was born just outside of London, England on November 9, 1945. He emigrated to Canada with his family when he was three. He began an apprenticeship at the age of 20 and has been a master electrician for over forty years.

In 1975, Tom was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident, spending four months in hospital, a year on crutches and five years out of the electrical trade. It was a bad time for him as he didn’t have adequate insurance or savings that could carry him over such a long period. He didn’t qualify for government assistance because he owned a house, and he eventually had to sell it. It was during this period that he became interested in life and disability insurance, although it was many years before he decided to get involved in the financial coaching business.

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