Ji Xing Feng Receives Large Order from Coca-Cola

September 21 23:53 2020

Foshan, China – Ji Xing Feng has recently received a large order from Coca-Cola. The sock manufacturer will be responsible for providing 170,000 socks to Coca-Cola. The company is pleased by this announcement, as it proves that its dedication to producing high-quality products has garnered international attention.

As an internationally respected company, Coca-Cola had many manufacturers they could have chosen. However, Ji Xing Feng is pleased that they opted to use their facilities. They are confident that Coca-Cola will be satisfied with the quality of the socks when they are delivered. This deal proves that Ji Xing Feng (China Professional socks manufacturer) is one of the best manufacturers of socks in the world.

The company believes that there were a few elements that helped them stand out above the other potential suppliers, allowing them to receive such a large order. First, they have been committed to continuously updating their equipment and using the best possible equipment. This ensures that they will always be able to produce products to the highest possible standards. It also allows them to continually make sure that the production process is as efficient as possible. As a result, the factory is always able to supply the highest-quality products to customers.

Because of the advanced technology and strict quality control practices employed Ji Xing Feng is pleased to announce that they are working with a wide selection of brands. Like Coca-Cola, companies are attracted from all around the world to use the exceptional facilities offered by this factory. This international brand co-operation ensures that Ji Xing Feng will continue to strive to produce the best possible products. This will help the company to continue to grow its international presence and improve its market share. This can lead to even more exciting opportunities in the future.


Ji Xing Feng is committed to continuing to look for new ways to advance. This means investing in new technologies. This can help them develop new, innovative products. This will allow them to make the manufacturing process more efficient. By doing this, they will be able to save time and money. Clients will be able to benefit from these achievements, as they receive their products faster at a lower price.

Currently, one of the most exciting new technologies that they are developing is an integrated machine for producing socks. Ji Xing Feng will achieve this by having the weaving, sewing, shaping, and packaging all completed as part of the same process. This will help speed up the production process so that customers will be able to get their products faster. It will also improve the efficiency of the factory, helping to lower the costs associated with producing socks.


By continuing to explore, and invest in, new technologies and devices, it’s expected that the production process will become even more streamlined. This will ensure that Ji Xing Feng will continue to play a significant role in the manufacture of socks. It will also help the company continue to attract the attention of international brands, fueling potential future growth.

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