Marya Stark Launches Sapphire, A New Cinematic Concept Album

September 22 02:12 2020
Marya Stark introduces her audience to a new cinematic concept album with her latest release, Sapphire.

Marya Stark, the award-winning vocalist, composer, performer, and multi-instrumentalist is all set to release her latest concept album, Sapphire. It is a ten-song album that tells the story of the intimate journey to thaw the frozen heart.

Sapphire is unique because it explores the themes of Mystical Love, Mystical Love, Ecstatic Grief, Glacier Melt, and the Return of Divine Feminine Wisdom. 

Marya Stark has collaborated with producer and composer Joshua Penman of Akara to create a mystical, lush, and enveloping sound. Penman’s stunning arrangements help create beautiful themes of Mystical Love, Ecstatic Grief, Glacier Melt, and the Return of Divine Feminine Wisdom and combines them all into a beautiful story arch.

When Stark’s tight choral harmonies sync with the warm and detailed backdrop shaped by Penman which includes real chamber strings, acoustic guitar, analog synths, world instruments, world percussion, and drums, it creates stunning magical music.

Marya discovered her singing skills while studying at the Arizona School For Art before entering the Chapman Music Conservatory. She has trained in classical vocal and loves myth, psyche, and sound healing. She soon started studying Music Therapy which brought about a major transformation in her.

What followed was a period of intense and prolific song-writing. Wanted to share the journey of her own coming of age, and she started collecting songs as time capsules of her human experience.

After graduating with a BA in Music Therapy, Marya dedicated her time to tasks close to her heart such as community enrichment and empowerment through music. She also worked in areas like risk youth, addiction recovery, mental health, hospice, autism, and special needs communities. She continued her studies in Medical Qigong Therapy, Relationship Health, and Womb Wisdom.  

Marya has released many albums, EPS, and singles to date and is continuing to discover the many layers of her relationship to the muses. In addition to her realm of art song and story-telling, Marya is a curator of therapeutic concept albums. In the past, she released a journey album for Recovery, as well as a children’s collection based on mindfulness and energetic awareness.

The most famous releases of Marya include ‘Remembrance’ created along with Mama Crow in 2017, and the most recent release ‘Lineage’ which was inspired by the exploration of healing of ancestral bloodlines and the deeper energetics of womb medicine. 

Marya is also offering a seven-week online immersion called ‘Courting the Muse: Sapphire Sessions’ aimed at developing voice and creative self-expression while listening to the stories that have a place in the storehouse of the unconscious self. 

About Marya Stark:

Marya Stark is an award-winning vocalist, composer, performer, and multi-instrumentalist who loves to support the creative journey of her students. She is also a renowned mentor in the art of voice and songcraft and presently leading the ‘Voice of MY Womb’ vocal enrichment workshops globally and online. Marya loves waterfalls and bulletproof coffee.  She is a huge fan of the Parade Of Flamingos from BBC’s Planet Earth II. 

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