The Comella Foundation launches the “Relieve Neck Pain #withme” training on YouTube

September 22 05:57 2020
Non-profit for people with chronic pain, The Comella Foundation, announces the launch of a weekly “Relieve Neck Pain #withme” Youtube training series to teach how to eliminate neck pain without drugs

Bill Parravano and his team at The Comella Foundation have again reiterated their goal of helping people suffering from chronic pain, as the non-profit recently launched a YouTube training series tagged “Relieve Neck Pain #withme.” The weekly series is designed to teach people how to eliminate chronic pain without drugs, shots, or surgery, as Bill shares his wealth of experience with participants.

The increasing prevalence of neck pain is worrisome, with research showing that it is among the major contributors to chronic pain among adults. According to a study by Fejer R., Kyvik K.O., and Hartvigsen, 16% to 75% of the population of countries across the globe experience neck pain. Unfortunately, many of the available treatment options are not only expensive but often come with side effects, which is where The Comella Foundation is looking to help people suffering from neck pain with the “Relieve Neck Pain #withme” series.

The President of the organization, Bill Parravano, will be hosting the weekly training series, scheduled for Thursdays at 9:55 AM Eastern Standard Time, alongside other members of the organization. The series will teach participants how to relieve neck pain naturally, covering different aspects of neck pain, including stiff neck, whiplash, neck tension, and headaches. Members of the Comella Foundation, including doctors, naturopaths, yoga instructors, bodyworkers, therapists, and movement experts will also be bringing their different approaches to relieving chronic pain online.

For more information about the “Relieve Neck Pain #withme” series and other initiatives by The Comella Foundation, please visit – and YouTube.

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The Comella Foundation is a Non-Profit 501(c)3 dedicated to helping those suffering from chronic pain. The organization supports current and former athletes as well as individuals from all walks of life, helping them to again enjoy a pain-free, active, and comfortable lifestyle without being subjected to the conventional treatment options of surgery or drugs.

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