2020 Maritime Silk Road Culture and Tourism Expo (Ningbo-China) has been successfully opened

September 25 22:07 2020

On September 25, 2020, the 2020 Maritime Silk Road Culture and Tourism Expo (Ningbo-China) was successfully opened in Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center. With the goal of “deepening the integration cultural and tourism, helping industry recovery, and improving city level”, the exhibition highlights the theme of “in-depth cultural and tourism integration”, and strengthens Ningbo’s geographical advantage as the “port of origin of the Maritime Silk Road”.

The exhibition will be held from September 25 to 27. According to the need for the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the exhibition will adopt a new digital form of online and offline cooperation. The offline exhibition consists of 5 exhibition areas, focusing on 6 themes of “in-depth integration of cultural tourism”, “cultural exchange with foreign countries”, “Cultural Ningbo Construction”, “Cultural and financial cooperation”, “Cultural tourism into life” and “Tourism consumption Recovery”. The online “exhibition hall on cloud” is also set up for simultaneous display.

This year’s “Maritime Silk Road” (Ningbo, China) Culture and Tourism Expo mainly presents the following highlights: focusing on “One Belt And One Road” international trade, inviting diplomats from Russia, Bulgaria and other countries to visit the exhibition, and introducing high-end cultural resources in China; Displaying Ningbo key cultural tourism projects and scenic spots to help the recovery of the tourism industry; promoting the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta and the cooperation of counterpart support in the field of cultural tourism. The exhibition will boost the integration and innovation of culture, finance and science and technology. It is going to improve cutting-edge design integrates art life,spread Ningbo spirit. “Cultural Ningbo” construction achievements will be displayed too. The Expro exhibition will be extended to 8:30 p.m. which is never held during nighttime before. Innovative “cloud exhibition hall” strengthens the online and offline linkage. Some exhibitions will be held perennially. Nearly 20 matching activities such as major ceremonies, forums, competitions and performances were held.

As the hub city of “One Belt And One Road”, Ningbo cultural and expo has attracted many countries along the “One Belt And One Road” to participate in the exhibition.

As the main guest of this year’s exhibition, Russia will display masterpieces such as “Tolstoy’s Works & Grass Baby Translated Manuscripts”, Russian oil paintings, as well as handicrafts of Russian artists, special souvenirs, dolls, honey, postcards and other special cultural and creative products.

Tesla Museum will introduce the legendary experience of the scientific giant Tesla in six sections through the restoration simulation device which will bring cool interactive experience with a audio-visual feast.

Sofia Chinese Culture Center Exhibition area organized more than 100 exhibits and more than 30 works of art from 8 European countries, and carried out live online display. There are also bands from different countries playing folk music. The theme exhibition area will combine traditional European architectural elements with current popular international design styles. With the concept of interactive experience and integrated online and offline promotion channels, it will focus on the achievements, functions and future development direction of The Chinese Cultural Center of Sofia since its construction. In particular, the exhibition site installed art walls, inviting Bulgarian famous artists (Assadour Markarov), a visiting professor at the China academy leading China academy team for creation of the exhibition theme “city map” public art installation, by fiber art in the form of links between China and central and eastern Europe.

This event is the largest cultural tourism promotion activity under the background of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control and after the resumption of cross-province tourism. It is one of the important measures taken by Ningbo to warm up the National Day holiday market and improve cultural tourism consumption. The exhibition is an important move to continuously consolidate the position of Ningbo’s position in conferences of culture and tourism industry and make contribution for Ningbo’s city construction.

Photos from 2020 Maritime Silk Road Culture and Tourism Expo (Ningbo-China) 

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