Brett Bird Publishes “Become Whole” A Unique & Inspirational Take on Personal Development

September 25 20:10 2020

Mount Clemens, MI – September 25th, 2020 – The release of my book “Become Whole: How to Avoid Being Too Nice and Being a Jerk to Get What You Deserve in Your Life” Is available on This book is the result of my observations – that people tend to be either too ‘nice’ (aka timid, agreeable, puts own needs aside) or “too much of a jerk” (rude, aggressive, arrogant). This results in roadblocks that prevents them from reaching their full potential.

Being whole is in the middle between the extremes of being “nice” and a “jerk”. An easy-to-follow barbell analogy is presented, along with the definitions of “nice, “a jerk”, and “whole”. Once the terms are defined, the book lays out how to be more whole in the areas such as relationships/marriage, friends, professional situations, and healthy daily habits. Various fictional archetypes, witty humor & television references provide an entertaining, lighthearted tone to the valuable concepts presented.

One reader states, “This book is very interesting to read and kept me engaged at all times. I especially liked the level of modesty with which Brett shared his experience and knowledge.”

The book is on sale at in Kindle and paperback formats. An order link is available here and at my website. 

The trailer for “Become Whole” can be viewed here.

About The Author:

Brett Bird (born in the suburbs outside Detroit, Michigan, 1982) is an author who specializes in personal development. An accountant by trade, he looked around and saw a large problem that conventional advice wasn’t solving. As someone with a second nature of digging into details, he made observations and discovered that the traditional frameworks and token advice for increasing self-confidence wasn’t producing lasting results. Through his own personal growth conquering his demons over the years and the observations he’s made with people, he developed the concepts presented in this book. 

In his spare time, he’s a student of personal development, spends time with his cat Athena, plays the tables occasionally, and takes long walks in nature. He is also developing upcoming books. As he believes that valuable self-development insights should always be shared, he updates his blog at least twice a week on various topics related to personal growth.

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